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Man arrested after Canadian PM laid wreath at site of attack

A man was arrested at the National War Memorial in Ottawa earlier today shortly after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harperlaid a wreath at the site where soldier Nathan Cirillo was fatally wounded yesterday.

The Prime Minister can be seen walking toward his car when across the street police draw their guns and force a man to the ground, where he was arrested.

A CBC reporter at the scene, said the man had crossed the police line during Harper's wreath-laying ceremony before he was arrested.

Canadian PM: 'We will not run scared' after attack

Canadian PM speaking in parliament. Credit: RTV

The objective of the Ottawa attacks was to instill fear and panic in the country, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has told the parliament.

Mr Harper told fellow MPs that they will be vigilant but said: "we will not run scared" and said that plans to give the Canadian security agency more surveillance and detention powers.


Standing ovation for man credited with shooting Ottawa gunman

Canada's House of Commons gave a standing ovation to Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, who shot the gunman who opened fire inside Parliament yesterday.

As he performed his ceremonial duties in today, MPs stood and applauded the man they credit with saving lives in yesterday's attack:

Canadian PM lays wreath at National War Memorial

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife, Laureen Harper, lay flowers at the Canadian War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. Credit: Reuters

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen lay a wreath at the National War Memorial in Ottawa to commemorate the shooting of Canadian army reservist Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the site yesterday.

Queen 'shocked and saddened' by Ottawa shooting

Queen Elizabeth II has said she is "shocked and saddened" by the shootings in Ottawa, Canada, in which a soldier was killed and two others were injured.

Philip and I were shocked and saddened by the events in Ottawa.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

– HM Queen Elizabeth II

Ottawa shooting: Mother of suspect 'sorry' for victims

Chloe Hogan, of Hamilton, places flowers at a memorial outside the gates of the John Weir Foote Armory, the home of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the regiment of murdered soldier Nathan Crillio. Credit: PA Images

The mother of the man believed by Canadian police to be the gunman behind yesterday's attacks in Ottawa has said she is crying for the victims of the shooting, not her son, the Associated Press have said.

Susan Bibeau told an AP reporter she did not know what to say to those hurt in the attack.

"Can you ever explain something like this?" she said. "We are sorry."

Police identified 32-year-old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shortly after his deadly rampage in the Canadian capital was stopped in its tracks when he was shot and killed by parliament's ceremonial Sergeant-at-arms.

Corporal Nathan Cirillo was killed and two other people were wounded in the attack.


Ottawa shooting a 'potential intelligence failure'

By ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

Potentially this assault on Canada's parliament will will be judged to be an intelligence failure of some kind.

The attacker along with about 90 other Canadians was on the radar screen of counter-terrorism officials in the country.

There was enough concern about Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and his potential aspirations to join the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria that his passport had been confiscated.

This fact in turn raises some pretty significant and disturbing questions - not just in Canada but perhaps in the United Kingdom too: By confiscating passports of potential jihadis and without a successful de-radicalisation programme are we only really increasing the likelihood of a homegrown attack?

Ottawa: Uncle of slain Canadian soldier speaks out

Corporal Nathan Cirillo, 24, of the Canadian Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

The uncle of the Canadian army reservist Corporal Nathan Cirillo has spoken to Canadian media about his shock at his nephew's death at the War Memorial in Ottawa yesterday.

In an emotional interview with CBC, Jim Cirillo said:

For him to get shot and pass away - I don't know if life is fair.

No-one deserves to die at a young age but he (Nathan Cirillo) didn't deserve that.

I don't know how someone could have picked him out and do that [shoot him].

– Jim Cirillo

Ottawa Police 'satisfied' only one person responsible

Credit: ITV News

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau has said that his force is "satisfied" that there was only one gunman in yesterday's violence on Parliament Hill.

Speaking to Canadian Broadcaster CBC, Chief Bordeleau said: "We’re satisfied at this point one individual was responsible for shooting yesterday on the Hill"

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