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Footage shows wreck of British ship from 1846

Underwater footage has been released showing the remains of a British exploratory ship that got stuck in ice off the far north of Canada back in 1846.

Parks Canada - a government agency responsible for marine conservation areas - used a remotely operated underwater vehicle to search for the wreck.

Ship find 'solves one of Canada's greatest mysteries'

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announcing the discovery.

Canada's Prime Minister has said the discovery of a British exploratory ship in the Arctic Ocean has "solved one of Canada's greatest mysteries".

Stephen Harper said the find was "truly a historic moment" for his nation, as the expedition led by Sir John Franklin "laid the foundations of Canada's Arctic sovereignty".

A Parks Canada official shows off images of the find as Stephen Harper looks on.

Mr Harper also said he hoped finding the first of the two ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror would lead to the discovery of the other vessel.

"Finding the first vessel will no doubt provide the momentum - or wind in our sails - necessary to locate its sister ship and find out even more about what happened to the Franklin Expedition's crew," he said.

British ship from 1846 found in Canadian Arctic

A British exploration ship abandoned almost 170 years ago has been discovered in the Arctic Ocean off the north coast of Canada.

Two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were abandoned by a scientific expedition in 1846 after becoming trapped in the polar ice.

The vessel was located by a remotely-operated underwater vehicle operated by Parks Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the find had "solved one of Canada's greatest mysteries", although he revealed it was not yet known which of Erebus and Terror had been discovered.


Canada's response to Russian border 'mistake' goes viral

The Canadian delegation to Nato has come up with this response to reports that Russian troops entered Ukraine "by mistake".

The sarcastic tweet, which attracted claims that Canada has "trolled" Russia, has been re-tweeted more than 17,000 times.

On Tuesday, an unnamed Russian security source was quoted as saying the incursion was a "mistake" - a claim contradicted by Ukraine which says the troops have attacked the eastern town of Novoazovsk.

Hitchhiking robot completes its journey across Canada

A small robot made of a beer cooler and pool toys has completed its mammoth hitchhiking journey across Canada.

On Saturday "hitchBOT" a "trivia-loving, wellington-wearing, tweeting robot" tweeted a picture of itself making its way to Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada's most westerly point.

The robot began its epic journey over 3,700 miles away in Nova Scotia. An artists center in Victoria will become its permanent home after a short jaunt to Seattle and a visit to the First Nations community.

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