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One of men arrested after mosque shooting now 'witness'

Police at the scene of the shooting. Credit: PA

Only one of the two men arrested in connection with the Quebec mosque shooting is considered a suspect, police have said.

Mohamed el Khadir is now considered a witness and not a suspect of the shooting which killed six men.

The sole suspect is French-Canadian student Alexandre Bissonnette, a source told Reuters.


Canadian PM to visit mosque in wake of shooting

Justin Trudeau called the attack an act of terror. Credit: AP

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to travel to Quebec City in the wake of the mosque shooting that killed six men, his spokesman said.

The PM is due to address parliament before visiting the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre.

"We condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge," Trudeau said in a statement following the attack.

The attack came after Trudeau said Canada would welcome refugees that were blocked from the US after Donald Trump signed an executive order imposing a 90-ban on seven Muslim-majority nations.

Two suspects detained over mosque shooting identified

Police at the scene of the shooting on Monday morning. Credit: The Canadian Press/PA

Suspects detained in connection with the Quebec mosque shooting have been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir, a source told CBC News.

French-Canadian Bissonnette and Khadir, of Moroccan heritage, are said to be in their late 20s or early 30s.

At least one suspect is a student at the Laval University near the mosque, the source said.

Six men, aged 35 to 70, are said to have died in the attack and five more are in a critical condition, police Sergeant Christine Coulombe said.

A hospital spokesman said 13 people had been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment.

Quebec premier calls for unity after 'terrorist attack'

Quebec's Premier has delivered a heartfelt message to the province's Muslims in a speech following the mosque shooting last night.

"I want to say a few words to our fellow Quebecers, Muslim Quebecers - we are with you, this is your home, you are welcome here, we are all Quebecers," said Premier Philippe Couillard this morning.

"The first duty of our society is to establish security, safety of the people, which we are doing with the police forces at all levels ... We also have to keep repeating that we must maintain solidarity and unity between our communities."

He urged citizens to 'be there to indicate solidarity' at rallies on Monday to pay tribute to those affected by the attack.

Six people were killed and eight injured in the shooting at a Quebec City mosque in what both Couillard and Canada's prime minister have called an "act of terrorism".


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