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More than 400 protestors arrested at Capitol Hill demonstration

More than 400 people have been arrested following a demonstration at Washington's Capitol Hill.

The demonstration took place at Capitol Hill on Monday Credit: RTV

Police said those arrested had been acting "unlawfully" by staging the mass sit-in.

It was the first day of what is expected to be a week-long series of demonstrations Credit: RTV

Organised by the group 'Democracy Spring' the demonstration was reportedly set up "to demand Congress take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in our politics and ensure free and fair elections."


'No need for a gun' against Washington driver

The sister of Miriam Carey, the 34-year-old mother shot dead by police after trying to ram her car through a White House barrier said there was "no need for a gun to be used."

Speaking outside her home in Brooklyn, retired NYPD officer Valarie Carey said there was a police protocol to deal with people suffering from postnatal depression that should have been followed, and that she did not understand why her sister was shot when she was unarmed.

Family have 'a lot of questions' as to why driver shot

Miriam Carey, the 34-year-old woman shot dead following a dramatic car chase through the streets of Washington, suffered from post-natal depression, her sisters said, confirming what her mother said.

Amy Carey-Jones, the sister of Miriam Carey, spoke alongside her sister Valarie Carey Credit: RTV

Amy Carey-Jones confirmed her sister had been on medication to help with her postnatal depression, and had endured psychotic episodes.

She said her sister's illness did not impact her loving personality, and said the family had a lot of serious questions over why she was shot dead. Speaking to reporters, alongside her sister Valarie, she said:

"We do not have answers about why they did what they did. They felt she was some particular threat, but Miriam was not firing any shots, there were no weapons, so we are still very confused as a family as to why she is not alive."

"Unfortunately, if people do have moments of crisis, if people do have moments of instability, how do people protect that person? How do they help? How do they operate in a way that contains the situation?"

Driver's mother 'says she had postnatal depression'

The mother of a woman who was shot dead after driving erratically near the White House has said that her daughter suffered from postnatal depression, ABC News reports.

Idella Carey said her daughter, Miriam Carey, suffered from the condition after the birth of her daughter last August, and that she had been "hospitalised".

Postnatal depression is a form of clinical depression that affects mothers after birth.


Toddler pictured being carried from car by officials

A young girl is carried from the area by security officials Credit: EBU

The 18-month-old child who was in the car during a chase near the White House was not injured and has been placed with child protective services.

NBC News cites law enforcement sources as saying that the child is believed to be the driver's daughter.

Authorities prepare to enter driver's apartment building

Police and FBI officials have descended on an apartment building in Stamford, Connecticut where the driver lived.

Officials put on hazardous materials suits outside the apartment building Credit: REUTERS/Michelle McLoughlin

Teams wearing hazardous materials suits appeared to be preparing to enter the building and bomb squad truck was seen driving to the area.

Residents said they had been evacuated shortly after 5pm local time (10pm UK time).

Authorities prepare to search an apartment building in Stamford, Connecticut Credit: REUTERS/Michelle McLoughlin

Report: Driver in car chase had mental health issues

Relatives of the driver killed in a chase near the White House have told police that she had mental health issues, NBC News reports citing a senior law enforcement official.

Miriam Carey, 34, is said to have had a fall a couple of years ago leading to the issues.

Carey's employer corroborated that she had suffered a fall, and that she had returned to work pregnant.

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