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'Special measures' planned for care homes

Failing care homes could be could be put into a similar failure category as poor-performing hospitals, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to announce.

Mr Hunt will say that most of the hospital trusts that were put into special measures a year ago have shown significant improvements.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is set to announce new care measures for care homes. Credit: PA

From October more care services across England will now face a "tough" new inspection regime, he will say.

The services that are rated inadequate face being put into "special measures" and if they fail to make improvements following this they could be shut down, he will add.

Putting hospital trusts in special measures was a move introduced as part of the Government's response to the Stafford Hospital scandal.

Relatives speak out over 'horrendous' clinic abuse

The family of a brain-damaged man have spoken of the "horrendous" abuse he went through at the hands of two healthcare workers.

A male relative told ITV News the case "frightens you for everybody that's out there now" who might not have a family to support them in such cases.

The family of the man, who has not been named, installed a hidden camera in his clinic to film the behaviour of the two care assistants.

Rita Page and Lynette Crook are facing jail after pleading guilty to five charges relating to abuse at the facility in Bury in Lancashire.

The pair_ _were warned by the judge at Bolton Crown Court that they could expect a custodial sentence over their treatment of the man, who has not been named.


Police: Care workers showed 'disregard' for victims

Darren Smith, Katie Cairns, Gemma Pearson and Carol Moore showed complete disregard for the well-being of the people they had been entrusted to care for.

Further to that, their ill-treatment was directed at some of the most vulnerable members of our community - these people couldn't speak out or defend themselves.

Their behaviour was utterly contemptible and I can only hope they will now reflect on their actions and see just how cowardly their conduct was.

I would once again like to take this opportunity to commend those members of staff who displayed great courage and decency in speaking out against this despicable behaviour.

– Detective Chief Inspector Andy Hulme, of Lancashire Constabulary

Families 'take no pleasure' from care case outcome

The families of the elderly dementia sufferers who were abused by care workers at Hillcroft nursing home said they did not "take any pleasure" from today's outcome and added that they were still waiting for an apology from the perpetrators.

Because of their illnesses, we do not know how the victims feel about what happened to them, but we do our best to speak on their behalf.

The guilty pleas and verdicts provided final confirmation that our relatives had been the victims of abuse at Hillcroft and this saddened us greatly. The investigation and court case have been extremely distressing for us all and we do not take any pleasure in the outcome.

There are lessons to be learnt from this case and we are contributing to the ongoing Learning Review, which we hope will provide meaningful recommendations and result in changes to the law.

– Joint statement from families of Hillcroft nursing home victims

The statement added that they were "still waiting to receive formal apologies" from the four care workers sentenced today.

They also added that it "disappointed" them that Gemma Pearson would not serve jail time her role in the abuse at the care home.

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What the four care workers were sentenced for

Carol Moore - The care team leader was found guilty of one count in which she struck a resident on the unit for people with "challenging behaviour". The court heard she walked up to the victim and slapped him after a complaint was made from the man's wife about a lack of activities at the home.

Carol Moore, 54. Credit: Lancashire Police

Darren Smith - The 35-year-old admitted eight counts of ill-treatment in which he threw bean bags or balls at eight residents.

Darren Smith, 35. Credit: Lancashire Police

Katie Cairns - She was convicted of three charges including stamping on a victim's foot, throwing bean bags at another male and mocking another.

Katie Cairns, 27. Credit: Lancashire Police

Gemma Pearson - She was convicted of attempting to tip a resident out of his wheelchair and was told that if she had succeeded, she would have been sent to jail.

Gemma Pearson, 28. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Archive
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