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80% of Bermuda without power as Hurricane Gonzalo hits

Astronaut Alexander Gerst posted this image earlier from the International Space Station. Credit: Alexander Gerst

Eighty per cent of Bermuda is without power after Hurricane Gonzalo hit pounding the island with winds of up to 130mph.

Locals said buildings, including a hospital, had been damaged but the worst is still expected to come.

And there are fears the "monster storm" could spiral towards the UK.

The National Hurricane Center said the eye of the hurricane would continue to move over Bermuda for the next few hours bringing with it "damaging winds and a life-threatening storm after the eye passes".

Ber News journalist Patricia Burchall told ITV News: "Our situation is pretty dire to be honest. Most the island is out of power."

A local resident, who calls themselves bobbi_bermuda on instragram, posted this video:

Hurricane Gonzalo pictured from ISS as storm hits Bermuda

Hurricane Gonzalo Credit: Alexander Gerst

Astronaut Alexander Gerst has shared incredible pictures of Hurricane Gonzalo as the huge storm bears down on Bermuda.

The powerful Category 3 storm could raise coastal seas as much as 10 feet (3 metres).

Hurricane Gonzalo Credit: Alexander Gerst

Gonzalo has already begun to pound Bermuda with wind and heavy surf, bearing down on the tiny British territory.

The storm was centered about 100 miles (165 kilometres) south-southwest of Bermuda this afternoon with top sustained winds of 125 mph (205 kph), according to the US National Hurricane Centre in Miami.

Gonzalo's eye is expected to pass close enough to be considered a direct hit.

Hurricane Gonzalo Credit: Alexander Gerst

Family 'thought Caribbean death was tragic accident'

A map shows St Vincent in the Caribbean. Credit: Google Maps

The daughter of a British man found dead on a burned out life raft in the Caribbean has said her family believed his death to be a "tragic accident" and was unaware that it was being investigated as suspicious.

Police are reportedly looking for John Garner's Norwegian wife after a murder investigation was launched into his death.

Mr Garner's daughter Elizabeth, 37, told the MailOnline that her stepmother had left St Vincent two days before Mr Garner to return to Norway to look after her young children.

She said: "This is a shock for everybody. We have not been told that this is being treated as suspicious. As far as we have been told, it is being treated as a tragic accident."

Witness: Garner 'had lacerations to face and legs'

Diver Kay Wilson, who has lived in St Vincent and the Grenadines for 12 years, was out on a dive trip when one of her crew members spotted smoke on the horizon at around 11.45am local time on Wednesday.

She told Daybreak via Skype: "What I was able to see, he had lacerations to his face and severe lacerations to his legs.

"Every indication was that there had been a series of explosions. There was debris downwind from the vessel.

"The victim's liferaft - he tried to deploy it but from what we could see it hadn't deployed correctly and because of its proximity to the boat and the heat coming downwind, the heat had melted part of the liferaft."

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