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Missing cat returns after eight years on the run

Leslie Corbett reunited with Jesse, who was missing for eight years. Credit: SWNS

A cat has been reunited with its owner after going missing for eight years.

Jesse was 18 months old when he bolted out of his cat box on the way to the vets near Mow Cop on the Staffordshire-Cheshire border in 2006.

Owner Leslie Corbett put up missing cat posters and searched the area for days but eventually gave up hope of a return.

But last month the vet telephoned Mrs Corbett to say that Jesse, who had been microchipped, was found "hanging around" nearby.

"We have absolutely no idea where he's been," she told the BBC. "All we know is he's happy and healthy."

Cat survives crossbow bolt through the head

A four-year-old cat called Moo Moo has miraculously survived after a crossbow bolt was fired through its head. The cat, called Moo Moo, was described as “extraordinarily lucky” by a veterinary surgeon.

The bolt went in above its left eye and out behind the ear but did not touch its brain.

Moo Moo the cat was found with a crossbow bolt through it's head Credit: Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Owner Donna Ferrari says she was shocked when she saw Moo Moo at about 4.30pm on Monday afternoon with what looked like an arrow through his head.

He hid in bushes and would not come out.

Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Credit: Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The pet was then taken Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in New Zealand for surgery.

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Arthritic cat on water treadmill

Here's the extraordinary story of Coco the cat, and her arthritic joints. Coco's nearly 16 years old, which in human years, makes her in her nineties .

She has arthritis, and she's also been hit by a car, but thanks to an animal hydrotherapy pool, Coco now has a spring in her step.

This is one fearless feline, and she's taken to the pool like a duck to water. Jane Hesketh reports.

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