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Pope's rites of passage before inaugural mass

Pope Francis has received the Pallium, made of lamb and sheep wool, recalling the Good Shepherd who carries the lost sheep on his shoulders.
The Fisherman's Ring, bearing the image of St Peter with the keys, was presented to Pope Francis.
Six cardinals, two from each order, have approached the Pope to make an act of obedience. He broke tradition by standing to receive them.
  1. Richard Gaisford - Chief Correspondent, Daybreak

Pope Francis prepares for inaugural mass

Hundreds of thousands have gathered in Rome for the Pope's inaugural mass.

Pope Francis collected the key Papal symbols for his inauguration from the tomb of St Peter, under the high altar of the Basilica.

Cardinals then streamed out into St Peter's Square, followed by Pope Francis, for the start of the public ceremony.



  1. Richard Gaisford - Chief Correspondent, Daybreak

Pope could greet the crowds today in Rome

It is going to be an incredible mix of tourists, locals, dignitaries and pilgrims cramming into St Peter's Square today.

Vatican city this morning Credit: Twitter/@richardgaisford

The way the pope arrives will be a crucial sign of how he wants to be seen.

It is thought he may ditch the pope mobile at some point, get out and walk, talk and touch the people who have come here to get a glimpse of him.

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