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Investigation into claims of child abuse by French soldiers

An investigation into child abuse allegations against French soldiers stationed in the Central African Republic is being carried out by a prosecutor in France, it has emerged.

The revelation came after a report in The Guardian claiming that a UN aid worker had been suspended for leaking an internal report to prosecutors detailing troops' abuse of children in the country.

French soldiers are in the Central African Republic as part of an international peacekeeping mission Credit: Reuters

Questioned about the report, a Justice Ministry spokesman said an investigation had been opened in July last year, and said it was "ongoing". He declined to comment further.

According to The Guardian, the confidential document outlined the sexual exploitation of children as young as nine by French soldiers residing in the African nation as part of a peacekeeping mission.

The UN has now said it conducted an investigation into the claims in 2014, and accused the member of staff of breaking protocol and "endangering victims and witnesses" by giving an unedited version of the report to French authorities before giving it to UN management.

Obama imposes sanctions on former president of CAR

President Barack Obama has imposed sanctions on Central African Republic's former president, Francois Bozize and four other men linked to violence and human rights abuses in the country, the White House said on Tuesday.

Former Central African Republic President Francois Bozize. Credit: REUTERS/Levis Boussougou

Also sanctioned were Nourredine Adam, a former minister of public security, and Levy Yakete, an "anti-balaka" Christian militia leader. Bozize, Adam and Yakete were blacklisted by the United Nations on Friday.


At least 22 killed at MSF-run clinic in Central African Republic

At least 22 people, including 15 local chiefs and three local members of staff from medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres, have been killed in an attack on a town in Central African Republic, officials said on Sunday.

Most of the casualties died when an MSF-run clinic in the town was attacked while local chiefs were holding a meeting there.

A man stands by the burning wreckage of a car near the PK 12 neighbourhood in Bangui. Credit: REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

Govt urged to increase aid to Central African Republic

Children in the Central African Republic need international aid if they are to have any hope of surviving the extreme violence engulfing the Sub-Saharan country, War Child UK have warned.

Soldiers from the government's Central African Armed Forces (FACA) stand to attention in the capital, Bangui. Credit: Reuters

Atrocities against children as young as three have been carried out, while one in 10 women and girls have been raped, the Children's charity said.

A 12-year-old girl told the charity: "A bullet hit my house while I was in bed. A soldier broke into my house and raped me."

Rob Williams, chief executive of War Child UK, explained: "Every day the crisis in the Central African Republic is worsening, and children are the innocent victims.

"Our survey shows the appalling impact on children and young people, who are losing their parents, their homes and their futures."

Bodies burnt in street as violence continues in CAR

French troops secure an area after protesters from an angry mob set fire to the bodies of two Muslim man Credit: REUTERS/Emmanuel Braun

The burnt bodies of two Muslim men have been dragged through the streets in the Central African Republic capital Bangui in what the crowd said was a revenge attack for the disappearance of a Christian taxi driver at the hands of Muslim Seleka rebels.

The landlocked former French colony descended into chaos in March after a mostly Muslim rebel coalition, Seleka, marched into the capital, unleashing a wave of killings and looting. That triggered revenge attacks by Christian militia known as "anti-balaka" (anti-machete).


Central African Republic former president 'into exile'

Central African Republic's former president Michel Djotodia travelled to Benin where he will go into exile, government sources in Chad and Benin told Reuters.

Central African Republic's former president Michel Djotodia. Credit: REUTERS/Herve Serefio

Djotodia, who was swept to power last March by northern rebels, resigned along with his prime minister on Friday under intense international pressure after they failed to halt months of inter-religious violence.

UN agency to airlift thousands of foreigners from CAR

A UN migration agency is due to start airlifting thousands of foreign nationals from the Central African Republic, following appeals from neighbouring African countries.

Nigerians airlifted from the Central African Republic Credit: Reuters

The International Organization for Migration has said the first three IOM charter flights this weekend will repatriate some 800 Chadians from the war torn CAR capital of Bangui to the Chadian capital N’Djamena.

In a statement, the IOM added: "IOM has received requests for assistance from Chad, Niger, Mali, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to evacuate thousands of their most vulnerable, stranded nationals.

"The organisation is also working with Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Cameroon to provide post arrival re-integration assistance to migrants evacuated by their governments."

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