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Chinese activist heading to America

Chen Guangcheng sitting in a wheelchair as he is accompanied by US Ambassador to China Gary Locke at a hospital in Beijing on May 5. Credit: US Embassy

Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng has left hospital in Beijing and he is now on his way to the United States, according to Chinese rights groups, ChinaAid.

He left hospital in a convoy of unmarked cars and one van with blocked out windows.

Chen Guangcheng told Bob Fu, the president of ChinaAid, that he and his family "were informed to pack up and get ready to leave China".


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Chen Guangcheng to get passport by end of the month

Chen Guangcheng (2nd l) is accompanied by officials outside the US embassy in Beijing on May 2nd. Credit: US Embassy Beijing Press Office

Chen Guangcheng and his family will have their passports at the end of this month, sources have told ITV News.

Chinese government officials visited him yesterday to take photos as part of the passport application process.

The Human Rights activist, who escaped house arrest in late April and sought refuge in the US Embassy, was told he could apply to study in the States after a diplomatic stand off between China and the USA.

US visa for Chinese dissent 'ready'

The US State Department said today that the U.S. side of preparing Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng's visa is complete and Chen is working with the Chinese government to get the proper travel documentation.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nulan said they had been in contact with Chen "two or three times a day":

We are ready when he and his government are terms of his visa to come pursue studies.

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