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Shafilea's sister's evidence to continue at murder trial

Shafilea Ahmed's decomposed remains were discovered in Cumbria in February 2004. Credit: Cheshire Police

The cross examination of the sister of Shafilea Ahmed continues later today as she gives evidence against her parents, who are accused of killing her.

Last week the court heard that the events surrounding the teenager's death had "haunted" her for seven years.


Sister: 'You could tell she was just gasping for air'

Warning: Distressing content

Andrew Edis QC: "What was your father doing?"

Ms Ahmed: "Trying to keep her down on the settee. He had her held down with his leg on her midriff. Shafilea was kicking her legs"

Edis: "Could you see any part of her face?"

Ms Ahmed: "Her eyes."

Edis: "What can you tell us about the way her eyes appeared to you?"

Ms Ahmed: "Just open really wide."

Edis: "When you say wide what do you mean?"

Ms Ahmed: "You could tell she was just gasping for air."

Edis: "Did you see anything else happen to her at that point?"

Ms Ahmed: "She wet herself. She wet herself because she was struggling so much."

Edis: "Was there a time she stopped struggling?"

Ms Ahmed: "Yeah.

"Edis: "What happened then?"

Ms Ahmed: "That was it she was gone."


  1. Ann O'Connor: ITV Granada Correspondent

Police bug recorded Shafilea Ahmed's parents

A police bug placed in Shafilea Ahmed's parents home allegedly recorded the couple discussing if officers could tell anything from mileage on their cars.

The Ahmeds discussed "getting the papers on your side" as a way to get away with murder.

The prosecution says this was before Shafilea's body had been found.

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