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Barnardo's chief: 'Drastic changes' needed to bring abusers to justice

The chief executive of children's charity Barnardo's has welcomed the sentencing of nine men for child sexual exploitation today but warned there needed to be "drastic changes" to the law.

Thousands of victims of child sexual exploitation are being let down by the system. They are being failed twice; once by the failure to prevent them becoming victims in the first place and again by the failure to punish their abusers and secure justice.

We need to see drastic changes to make sure the abusers who control such vulnerable children for sex and personal gain are brought to book.

– Anne Marie Carrie, Barnardo’s chief executive

Police: Nine men jailed for grooming never showed 'remorse'

Today’s result reflects the gravity of the offences. These defendants have never shown the slightest bit of remorse and have forced their victims to re-live their horrific ordeals.

Today’s sentences provide a strong message that Greater Manchester Police and our partners will hunt down and prosecute anyone believed to be involved in the sexual exploitation of children.

– Senior Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Michael Sanderson, of the sexual offences unit


  1. Stephen Douglas: ITV News Correspondent

Judge thanks jury as nine men are sentenced in grooming case

Men being taken away one by one after Judge passes the sentences. Translators in the dock are relaying his words but none of the men are giving any reaction.

The Judge then tells the jury: "I and the people of Britain must be grateful to you".

All nine men have been sentenced to between four and 19 years.

Grooming 'ringleader' previously banned from court

A 59-year-old man, who was seen as the ringleader in the grooming case and cannot be named for legal reasons, was previously banned from court because of his threatening behaviour and for calling the judge a "racist bastard".

Simon Nichol, defending, earlier said that his client did not wish to attend the sentencing hearing and had ordered the barrister not to put any mitigation before the judge on his behalf.

He has objected from the start for being tried by an all white jury and subsequent events have confirmed his fears. He does not take back any of the comments he has made to your honour, to the jury, or to anyone else in the court during the course of the trial.

He believes his convictions have nothing to do with justice but result from the faith and the race of the defendants. He further believes that society failed the girls in this case before the girls even met them and now that failure is being blamed on a weak minority group.

– Simon Nichol


Hamid Safi sentenced in grooming case

Illegal immigrant Hamid Safi, 22, was jailed for four years for conspiracy and one year, concurrently, for trafficking.

Hamid Safi Credit: Police handout

He sneaked into the UK on a lorry in 2008 and claimed to have fled Afghanistan because his uncle was murdered by the Taliban. He was released from a detention centre in Birmingham in March 2009 when he moved to Rochdale.

Safi will be deported back to Afghanistan following his sentence. His barrister Stuart Duke told the court the offences were "not something he orchestrated or instigated".

Abdul Qayyum sentenced in grooming case

Abdul Qayyum, 44, was jailed for five years for conspiracy.

Abdul Qayyum Credit: PA

He was a driver for Streamline Taxis in Middleton, Greater Manchester, and was known by the name "Tiger".

Philip Boyd, defending, said of his client: "He is a hard-working man of significant character in his community. He has a young family and wife who will be placed under considerable pressure by this conviction."

Mohammed Amin sentenced in grooming case

Mohammed Amin, 45, was sentenced to five years for conspiracy and 12 months, concurrently, for sexual assault.

Mohammed Amin Credit: PA

He was a taxi driver for 14 years and was known as "Car Zero". He is married with school aged children.

Simeon Evans, in mitigation, said: "He has no previous convictions and no previous complaints about his character in 13 years of working as a taxi driver."

Adil Khan sentenced in grooming case

Adil Khan, 42, was given eight years for conspiracy and eight years, concurrently, for trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Adil Khan Credit: Police handout

Khan, who is married with one child, fathered the child of a 13-year-old victim who believed she was in love with him.

Tina Landale, defending, said Khan had "lost everything" and that his family had been subjected to racist abuse since he was arrested.

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