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China visits 600 fast food outlets over 'rotten' meat scare

Security guards stand inside the OSI group where the meat is alleged to have been processed.
Security guards stand inside the OSI group where the meat is alleged to have been processed. Credit: Reuters

China's food regulator has visited 600 fast food outlets and food distributors over fears out-of-date or rotten meat is being sold for consumption, the watchdog said in a statement.

Big chains like McDonald's, Starbucks and KFC-parent group Yum Brands Inc have already been dragged into the safety scare.

The investigation comes after five people from OSI Group, the US parent of China-based meat-processing factory at the center of the incident, were arrested. Yum has now severed ties with the group.

Footage shows wreckage after China bus crash

Footage shows the aftermath of a bus accident in southern China that reportedly left 38 people dead.

The clip from the CCTV network shows the charred wreck of a bus after it collided with a truck carrying flammable liquid in Hunan province.

The Xinhua news agency said the blaze had destroyed five vehicles before emergency workers managed to extinguish it.

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China wants 'fair and objective' probe into crash

China's president has called for a fair and objective investigation into how Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 came down over eastern Ukraine.

Xi Jinping has called for an 'objective' investigation into the crash.
Xi Jinping has called for an 'objective' investigation into the crash. Credit: BREUEL-BILD/Juri Reetz/DPA/Press Association Images

The Chinese government's official website quoted Xi Jinping saying the probe should find out the truth "as soon as possible".

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At least 38 killed in collision between bus and fuel truck

At least 38 people have been killed in a collision between a bus and a van carrying flammable liquids in southern China, state media reports.


#Update# Over 40 casualties reported after vehicles collided leading to an #explosion on a highway in Hunan, China.


The van drove into the back of the passenger coach in the early hours of Saturday, sparking an explosion, the official Xinhua news agency said.

It is the latest in a string of deadly road accidents in China that have triggered anger over unsafe transport.

Eight children were among the 11 killed when a school bus crashed into a reservoir last week.


China boy freed after getting stuck in washing machine

A three-year-old boy in eastern China had to be rescued after getting stuck in a washing machine, as local firefighters were called in by his fraught parents in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

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The boy, who came stuck in the washing machine basket from the waist down, was not injured in the incident as firefighters sought to open the cabinet from the back using hydraulic shears. His parents were said to have been entertaining guests when he walked to the laundry room unsupervised.

Footage of the incident, obtained from the local fire department, shows firefighters attempting to first free the boy together with the basket - tearing off the cabinet cover to gain access. Attempts proved successful as the boy walked away with no injuries.

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Eleven killed as school bus crashes into pond in China

Eleven people, including eight young children, died in China after the overcrowded minivan they were travelling in crashed into a pond.

The bus was transporting eight kindergarten pupils and two teachers when it plunged into the pond yesterday in a mountainous area near Hunan province.

The vehicle is pulled out of the pond after the fatal accident. Credit: Reuters

One of the victim's father claimed the van - which was designed to seat seven passengers - was consistently overcrowded.

The vehicle was pulled out of the pond with the children and driver inside. The bodies of two teachers were discovered an hour later.

The safety of school transportation has been a sensitive issue in China in recent years, after eighteen children died in 2011 when a packed school bus collided with a truck.

Police forcibly remove Hong Kong protestors

Hong Kong police have removed protestors kicking and screaming from the city's central business district, Reuters reports.

A protestor is carried away by police in Hong Kong. Credit: Reuters

The protestors had staged an overnight sit-in to follow up yesterday's massive pro-democracy demonstrations, which organisers say attracted over 500,000 people.

A man struggles as police try to remove him. Credit: Reuters

The demonstrators, who numbered roughly 1,000, linked arms to resist efforts to remove them, before police resorted to taking them away one by one.

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