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Chinese cruise ship death toll tops 400

Rescue workers are still continuing their search for the 36 people still listed as missing. Credit: Reuters

Hundreds of bodies, including that of a three-year-old girl, have been retrieved from Chinese cruise ship Eastern Star pushing the death toll over 400.

Another 36 people are listed as still missing following the disaster, which is the worst in Chinese maritime history.

Only 14 people survived, including the captain, after the boat capsized on Tuesday.

Yellow ribbons pay tribute to China cruise ship victims

Residents of China's Jinali county have begun hanging yellow ribbons around town to show their support for the victims of the Yangtze River cruise ship disaster.

At least 339 people were killed when a Chinese cruise ship carrying 456 people capsized on Monday. Only 14 people including the captain survived.

Yellow ribbons are hung in tribute to the victims of the cruise ship tragedy Credit: Reuters
Prayers and wishes were written across ribbon hanging outside a local school Credit: Reuters


Number of dead in Chinese ship disaster reaches 331

Chinese rescue workers have now fully righted the ship which capsized on Monday. Credit: Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The number of people killed when a Chinese cruise ship capsized during a storm in the Yangtze River has reached 331 according to state media, Reuters reports.

Only 14 survivors, one of them the captain, were found after the ship carrying 456 people rapidly overturned on Monday night.

Jiang Zhao, general manager of the company which operated the Eastern Star, bowed in apology for the disaster during an interview with state media on Friday, saying they would "fully" cooperate with the investigation.

Beijing has pledged there would be "no cover-up" in the probe into the tragedy.

Ship salvaged as rescuers rule out finding survivors

Chinese rescue workers have fully righted a ship which capsized on the Yangtze River as officials warned more than 400 people are likely to have died in the disaster.

Rescuers work on righting the capsized cruise ship Eastern Star. Credit: Reuters

The Eastern Star ship, which was carrying 456 passengers, sunk in a severe storm on Monday night.

Only 14 survivors have been found so far and authorities said the chance of finding anyone else alive was "very slim".

The operation to right the ship signalled a shift in focus from finding survivors to recovering bodies.

The incident will be the country's deadliest boat disaster in decades, and families of those feared to have died have expressed anger at the response of the Chinese authorities to the disaster.

Chinese ship death toll rises as families' anger grows

At least 65 people have died and more than 370 remain missing after a ship capsized on China's Yangtze River, according to state media reports.

Family members of passengers of a sunken cruise ship push a cordon. Credit: Reuters

Only 14 survivors - including the captain - have been found since the ship carrying 456 people overturned in apparently severe weather on Monday night.

Families of those feared to have died have reacted angrily to the lack of information coming from the authorities.

Relatives have urged the government to release the names of survivors and those who have died, and have also questioned why most of those rescued were crew members.

Families of China cruise ship victims desperate for news

Relatives of 400 people who are still missing after a Chinese cruise ship capsized on Monday are still anxiously waiting for news as the likelihood of finding any more survivors ended.

The families are desperate with grief and also furious at the way they are being treated by the authorities.

ITV News' China Correspondent Lucy Watson reports from the Yangtze River.

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