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William to highlight illegal wildlife trade in key speech

The Duke of Cambridge will begin his US tour by calling on nations to take action over the trade in illegal animal parts in an important speech in Washington today.

The Duke of Cambridge will urge nations today to redouble their efforts to combat the trade in illegal animal parts Credit: Reuters

William will call wildlife crime one of the world's "most insidious forms of corruption" in the address at the World Bank Group's International Corruption Hunters Alliance Conference.

He will make the speech after meeting President Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden at the White House.

"Our collective goal must be to reduce the wildlife trade by making it harder: denying traffickers access to transportation, putting up barriers to their illegal activities, and holding people accountable for their actions," he will say.

"Those who look the other way, or spend the illicit proceeds of these crimes, must be held to account."

William will be joined by former foreign secretary William Hague, who hosted the Government's London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade in February.


Seven police officers arrested over protester beating

Seven police officers have been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm for allegedly beating a protester during the Hong Kong riots, according to local media reports.

The arrests come after a video of Ken Tsang being attacked near the Admiralty protest camp emerged last month.

All the officers had already been suspended from duty.

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Hong Kong protest leaders arrested as police clear area

Joshua Wong (second left) and Lester Shum (far right) were arrested last night. Credit: Reuters

Hong Kong police have arrested two student leaders of the pro-democracy protests.

Joshua Wong and Lester Shum were held by officers, who attempted to clear hundreds of protesters overnight after obtaining a court order.

Police guard HSBC headquarters after clearing protests sites near the financial district. Credit: Reuters

Riot police demolished barricades which have been up since the protests began in September, allowing roads to open again.

Credit: Reuters

Eighty court-appointed bailiffs wearing red caps and "I love Hong Kong" T-shirts began clearing metal and wooden barricades where hundreds of tents had been erected.

Credit: Reuters

But defiant protesters, whose symbol has become the umbrella, vowed to stay put as talks with the government remain unresolved.

Credit: Reuters

24 Chinese coal miners dead in underground fire

Twenty-four coal miners have died in China following an underground fire, according to state media.

The disaster happened at a mine in Liaoning province in north-east China. Credit: Google Maps

Another 52 people were injured in the disaster at a mine in Liaoning province in the north-east of the country, Xinhua News Agency said.

The mine is said to be run by the state-owned Fuxin Coal Corporation.

China's mines are among the most dangerous in the world, with 1,067 fatalities reported in 2013.


One dead after magnitude 5.9 earthquake in China

At least one person has died after a strong earthquake struck a lightly populated, mountainous area of western China, officials said.

The US Geological Survey said the 5.9-magnitude quake had a depth of nine miles. It struck in the late afternoon on Saturday about 20 miles from the town of Kangding in Sichuan province. China's seismological agency gave the magnitude as 6.3.

A woman in her 70s died after being struck by a falling window pane, state media reported.

Two killed and dozens injured in 70-vehicle pile-up

Two people have been killed and more than 20 injured in a major pile-up involving dozens of vehicles in east China today.

Two people were killed and more than 20 injured Credit: CCTV

More than 70 cars, vans and lorries were involved in the smash, which happened shortly before 8am local time on the Hefei-Huainan-Fuyang Expressway through the Anhui Province.

Dense fog which reduced visibility to less than 30 metres (100ft) is thought to be to blame, as drivers only saw the accident ahead when it was too late to stop in time.

Around 12 people needed hospital treatment after the crash.

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