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Overturned gas truck causes massive highway explosion

A truck loaded with liquefied natural gas has burst into flames on an highway in China's north.

The truck turned overturned on the Hebei Province section of the Beijing-Harbin Expressway.

It appears the gas leaked from the truck and was ignited by nearby cars, sending a fireball down the highway.

Two people inside the truck were rushed to hospital with serious burns, while passengers in the cars were able to flee their vehicles in time and were not injured.


Wild elephant steps over border between China and Laos

A wild elephant has surprised Chinese border guards after carefully stepping over roadblocks to enter Laos.

The incident happened just after 4.30am on Saturday, with the elephant captured on CCTV casually strolling between the two countries, returning into China less than two hours later.

Border patrol officers told Chinese state media elephants are often seen looking for food in the area during cold winter months.

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