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Theresa May: 'Open and frank' relationship with Russia needed

Theresa May said she wanted a 'frank' relationship with Russia Credit: Reuters

Theresa May said she hopes for a frank and open" relationship with Russia after her first meeting with the country's leader Vladimir Putin.

The Prime Minister made the comments in Hangzhou, eastern China, where global leaders are meeting at the G20 summit.

At an earlier press conference with Barack Obama, the pair discussed the situation in Syria, where Russian forces haven supported Bashar al-Assad.

Mrs May said she would urge Mr Putin to allow humanitarian access to war-torn areas in the country.

"While I recognise there will be some differences between us, there are some complex and serious areas of concern and issues to discuss, I hope we will be able to have a frank and open relationship", she said.

Her comments came shortly after President Obama said he was confident the "special relationship" between the US and UK would continue to grow, despite the latter's decision to leave the EU.



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