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HK leader's daughter brags of spending 'silly' taxpayer's money

The daughter of under-fire Hong Kong leader CY Leung has bragged on Facebook about spending "silly" taxpayer's money on her diamond necklace.


The Times of India saw the post, which has now been deleted, where Chai Yan Leung wrote in the comments:

The necklace on my profile pic is not a dog collar, silly!!!

This is actually a beautiful necklace bought at Lane Crawford (yes - funded by all you HK taxpayers!! So are all my beautiful shoes and dresses and clutches!! Thank you so much!!!!)

– Chai Yan Leung

Responding to further taunts on her picture, she added:

Actually maybe I shouldn't say 'all you'- since most of you here are probably unemployed hence all this time obsessed with bombarding me with messages.

– Chai Yan Leung

Miss Leung, 22, who is studying law at the London School of Economics, has now removed her Facebook profile from public view.


Protesters dissatisfied over Hong Kong chief's response

Hong Kong Chief Executive's call for dialogue was deemed "meaningless" by some protesters after he refused to step down.

CY Leung agreed for officials to meet with the student protesters to discuss electoral reform, but warned of "serious consequences" if they were unwilling to comply with government demands.

Warning: This footage contains flash photography.

Hong Kong student protesters call for prompt dialogue

The Federation of Students, who initiated the class boycott that gave rise to the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, said in a statement that it hoped the government would announce details about dialogue "as soon as possible".

In a statement on their Facebook page, it called for Chief Secretary Carrie Lam to "shoulder the responsibility" of opening dialogue. However, it expressed concern over Chief Executive CY Leung's refusal to resign, saying he had "broken promises to the people".

Tensions mount after Hong Kong leader refuses to quit

Tensions continued to escalate after Hong Kong's leader refused to step down, despite pro-democracy activists in Freedom Square threatening to storm government buildings.

CY Leung, however, agreed for officials to meet with the student protesters to discuss electoral reform.

ITV News China Correspondent Lucy Watson reports from Hong Kong:

Protesters still demand Hong Kong leader's resignation

Pro-democracy movement Occupy Central has welcomed a decision made by Hong Kong's Chief Executive to meet with student protesters, despite his refusal to step down. In a statement on Facebook however, it still demanded CY Leung to step down:

[We] welcomed the meeting with students, and hoped that this was a turning point in the current political deadlock.

We hope that the Government can really pay heed to public opinion, and respect the wishes of the public in respect of universal suffrage. Occupy Central with Love and Peace students respect [bringing] political reform issues to the negotiating table, but we reaffirm that the current political deadlock was brought about by Leung Chun-ying, the Chief Executive, he must be held accountable to step down.

– Occupy Central with Love and Peace


Hong Kong leader 'will not resign' despite protests

Hong Kong's Chief Executive warned of "serious consequences" if students stormed government buildings, after protesters called for his resignation.

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung Credit: APTN

CY Leung told a press conference that he would appoint Chief Secretary Carrie Lam to discuss the issue of constitutional reform with the protesters.

Mr Leung said he would not resign, adding that he would continue to do the work on Hong Kong's electoral reform.

Hong Kong officials to meet with student protesters

Hong Kong leader C Y Leung has announced government officials will meet with student protesters to discuss demands. In a press conference, Mr Leung said:

Up to three hours ago the Hong Kong authorities have agreed to a meeting with the Chief Secretary representing the Hong Kong government to discuss the constitutional development.

– C Y Leung

Hong Kong police 'will take resolute actions'

Police in Hong Kong will take "resolute enforcement actions" if protesters refuse to move away from government buildings, the Hong Kong Police Force said in a statement.

Police officers gather as protesters block the entrance to Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying offices in Hong Kong Credit: Reuters

In a statement on the website, a spokesperson said: "Protestors currently gathering outside the Office of the Chief Executive (CEO) have already surrounded CEO and the Central Government Complex (CGC) and completely blocked Lung Wo Road, seriously paralysing the traffic there and in the vicinity.

"Police warn the protestors not to charge against CEO, CGC and the Police cordon lines there. Police emphasise that that is unlawful behaviour".

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