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Yodel insists it has no delivery backlog

Delivery company Yodel has reassured customers that it has no backlog and everything due for delivery before Christmas will arrive today.

Yodel repeated an apology to customers last night and admitted delays could continue this week for reasons including poor packaging and inaccessible properties. But today executive chairman Dick Stead said he wanted to reassure clients and customers that Yodel had no backlog despite reports of a build-up of parcels in the carrier industry.

We have been delivering around a million parcels a day in the run-up to Christmas. Our sort and service centres are working to plan and all parcels that are due to be delivered before Christmas are out for delivery today.

Deliveries will continue, as usual, until 9pm and all parcels can be tracked on

But a number of customers have refuted the firm's claim services were running as normal for this time of year:


Pope launches scathing Christmas attack on the Vatican

The Pope has launched a scathing attack on Vatican bureaucracy accusing the clergy running the Holy See of a dangerous lust for power.

Pope launches scathing Christmas attack on the Vatican Credit: Reuters

Francis' annual Christmas greeting to the cardinals, bishops and priests who run the Holy See saw the pontiff give a tirade of criticism as part of his ongoing crusade to reform the church.

The Pope offered a catalog of 15 "Vatican illnesses." These included "feeling immortal", "spiritual Alzheimer`s", "existential schizophrenia" and the "terrorism of gossip."

It appeared that his critique was not well received by the gathered clergy as the tirade was met with only muted applause.


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