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Reports: Maloney's behaviour prompts 'monster' comment

The singer Carolynne Poole tweeted this ahead of tonight's final:

Several TV reporters are alleging that it refers to her treatment by Christopher Maloney, who was voted off the show last night:


This is referring to Christopher, who abused her unprovoked today RT @carolynnepoole: X Factor can also create monsters it would seem!


I've met @carolynnepoole loads of times and she wouldn't hurt a fly so cant believe she warranted that kind of abuse.

Reports: Christopher Maloney drops out of X Factor final

There are reports on Twitter that the X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney, who was voted out of the competition last night, will not be performing in tonight's final as planned.

The Daily Mirror's Deputy TV Editor Mark Jefferies tweeted:


X Factor spokesman said: "Chris decided he longer wanted to be part of the X Factor Final and has gone back to Liverpool."

There has been no official confirmation from The X Factor organisers as yet.


X Factor finalists prepare for showdown

James Arthur, Christopher Maloney and Jahmene Douglas have told Daybreak that they are "excited to be performing in the final."

James said: "I'm just blessed to be here. We'll be performing infront of 10,000 people.

"For anyone who inspires to be a singer or a musician it's the ultimate sense of achievement."

Speaking about the past week, Christopher added: "Bringing Gary Barlow back to my gran's house was unbelievable. It's something I have dreamed about all my life."

You can read more on the build-up to the final at The X Factor site.

X Factor's Christopher: 'It's so overwhelming to be back'

Christopher Maloney told ITV Granada his mentor will meet his family: "Gary Barlow at my nan's house - it's crazy!" Credit: ITV Granada

X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney has said tonight's homecoming gig in Liverpool will be "emotional."

The singer will perform with his mentor Gary Barlow at the Empire Theatre. He reveals that Barlow will meet his often-mentioned nan.

You can watch an extended interview with Christopher at ITV Granada.

There is more build-up to the final on The X Factor site.



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