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Vote against women bishops 'could hurt morale'

The Bishop of Rochester has warned that a decision to vote against introducing women bishops today could harm morale in the Church of England.

The Bishop of Rochester says he hopes some opponents will abstain. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Archive

"The Church of England has spoken very clearly through the voting of the diocesan synods and we today have, I believe, a responsibility to show that we have listened," Rt Rev James Langstaff said.

"Wherever each of us stands on the spectrum of views, I want to suggest today that we have a responsibility to be guided, yes, by what we ourselves think, but also by what we assess to be the settled view of the great majority within the Church of England."

Speaking at York University, Bishop Langstaff said he respected the views of opponents of women bishops who felt they had no option but to vote against the legislation. But he hoped other opponents might choose to abstain from the vote.


David Cameron 'in favour of women bishops'

David Cameron said he was in favour of women bishops as the Church of England prepares for a second vote on the issue.

Prime Minister David Cameron. Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

The Prime Minister said: "I am in favour of women bishops. I think Archbishop Welby has shown great leadership on this issue and I wish him well."

Wonga name new chairman after fake letter scandal

The new chairman of payday lender Wonga has pledged "significant change" after the firm "made mistakes" in sending out letters from fake lawyers to customers in arrears.

ITV News Business Editor Joel Hills confirmed the appointment, tweeting:

Members of General Synod set for women bishops vote

Good Morning Britain's Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford has tweeted from York where members of the General Synod will vote on women bishops.


Reverend: Women bishops 'will bring hope'

Ordaining women bishops "will bring hope" to the Church of England after years of debate over the issue, a female Reverend has told Good Morning Britain.

Rev Yvonne Clarke admitted "there may be some division" if the vote went in favour of female bishops but felt, in the long run, "it can only be better for the Church of England".

Female member of Synod: 'Every role in church is equal'

Allowing women to become bishops would "undermine" the roles either gender traditionally plays in the church, according to a female member of the Church of England Synod.

Susie Leafe told Good Morning Britain: "Every role in the church is equal. The bishop has just the same value as a Sunday school teacher."

Women and the Church: 'Hopeful of bishop success'

The Reverend Jody Stowell, from north west London, and a spokeswoman for Women and the Church, said they were "hopeful" of success in the vote for women bishops.

The Church of England is being given a second chance to back the introduction of women bishops at a key meeting today.

We are hopeful because of all the work that has been done within the General Synod in terms of relationships between people who have different opinions on this.

We would not say we are overly confident at all because it is the same set of people who voted it down in November 2012 so we have to be realistic about that.

– Reverend Jody Stowell

Church the 'biggest loser' if it says no to women bishops

Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, who is the Speaker's chaplain to the House of Commons, remains sceptical about whether the Church of England will vote yes appoint women bishops.

Speaking to ITV News, Rev. Hudson-Wilkin said that she believed in "miracles", adding that she was "disappointed" it had taken so long for the church to make the decision.

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