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Fairness 'at the heart' of Government's marriage proposal

The Government has to balance the importance of treating all couples equally and fairly with respect for religious organisation's rights for their own beliefs.

We need to be fair to same sex couples. The state should not be banning them from such a great institution.

Equally, we need to be fair to people of faith and (so) religious protections that I will set out will ensure that fairness is at the heart of our proposals.

– Maria Miller, outlining the same-sex marriage proposals


Miller: Marriage to be extended to same-sex couples

Maria Miller told the Commons the legislation would "strengthen not weaken" the institution of marriage.

Equalities Minister Maria Miller has confirmed the Government will extend marriage to same-sex couples in a civil ceremony and allow those religious organisations which wish to conduct gay marriages to do so.

Outlining the plans in the Commons, she said a "quadruple lock" in law will also be offered to protect religious institutions and individuals from being forced to hold the same-sex ceremonies.


Government to set out gay marriage plans

The Government will today set out its plans to legislate for gay marriage amid bitter opposition from some Tory MPs.

The historic move - which will allow same-sex couples to wed in church - has been hailed by gay rights campaigners but has angered Tory traditionalists who have warned that many activists will no longer be prepared to go out and campaign for the party if it goes through.

Tory MP: I trained with a gay boxer 'so I'm not bigoted'

Conservative MP David Davies has attempted to play down accusations that he is prejudiced against homosexual people by posting a video of himself boxing against an openly gay boxer in 2008.

He said that he started training with Charles 'Pink Pounder' Jones subsequently because he respected and liked him.

Davies came under criticism yesterday for saying that "most parents" would prefer their children to not be gay.

He posted the following video on Twitter along with the comment: "Once fought [a] gay boxer. Respect and like. Trained with [him] after bout so not bigoted. Activists calm down - listen to other view".

Labour MPs react to Maria Miller's gay marriage statement

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