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Police warn Colchester people after knife attacks

Police search the scene at Salary Brook Trail in Colchester, Essex, where Nahid Almanea's body was found. Credit: Press Association

Essex Police have advised people in Colchester not to visit isolated places alone, after two fatal knife attacks in the town in three months.

Nahid Almanea, 31, was found on Saturday near the University of Essex campus. She had been stabbed 16 times.

James Attfield, 33, was stabbed 100 times in Castle Park in March.

Police say a man in his fifties is helping them with their inquiries.


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Essex Police confirm missing Colchester wolf has been shot dead

Essex Police have confirmed that the missing wolf from Colchester Zoo has been "found and destroyed" by zoo staff:

Final escaped wolf shot dead

A wolf that escaped from Colchester Zoo earlier today has been shot dead, ITV Anglia report.

A missing wolf which escaped from Colchester Zoo has been shot dead. Credit: Colchester Zoo

Five wolves in total escaped from their enclosure this morning. One returned, another was recaptured and two were shot earlier this afternoon.

Hospital faces police probe over patient cancer care

Police have launched a criminal investigation into the alleged manipulation of cancer waiting lists at a hospital in Colchester.

The investigation into Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust will aim to establish whether any criminal offences have been committed. The hospital was placed into special measures after the allegations came to light last month.


Zoo 'devastated' as escaped wolves 'had to be shot'

Colchester Zoo said it was "devastated" by the death of two of their "beloved" Timber wolves.

The two wolves were among five that escaped their enclosure this morning at around 7.30pm. In a statement, the Zoo said they were still looking for one of the escaped wolves, with the help of police.

One of the wolves returned immediately of its own accord and one was darted and recaptured.

Unfortunately, as they were further away and an anaesthetic dart takes 15 minutes to take effect, two had to be shot.

The remaining wolf is thought to be sheltering in thick undergrowth and the police are assisting in its recapture. Wolves are naturally timid and provided they are not cornered in any way do not provide a risk to the public.

Five wolves managed to escape from Colchester Zoo

Five wolves managed to escape from Colchester Zoo after the perimeter fence was damaged.

Two of the wolves were shot and killed, one was recaptured while the other returned voluntarily.

Five wolves escaped from a compound at Colchester Zoo Credit: Colchester Zoo

Essex Police are searching for the remaining wolf who is thought to be sheltering in thick undergrowth.

A police helicopter has been deployed to assist with the search.

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Wolf sparks police search after escaping from zoo

Police are hunting for a wolf after it escaped from Colchester Zoo earlier today.

The animal was reported missing at around 8am

Essex police said a helicopter had been dispatched to assist with the search, but insisted the wolf "does not pose a risk to the public".

"Police are currently assisting staff at Colchester Zoo searching for a wolf that's escaped from the zoo site," a police spokesman said.

"Officials at the zoo have said that wolves are naturally timid, and provided they're not cornered in any way, do not pose a risk to the public."

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