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Fewer at-risk patients get flu jab

Many people who risk becoming seriously ill if they get the flu have not yet been vaccinated against it.

Figures show the number of patients having the flu jab has declined Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

The number of pensioners who have received the vaccination has fallen from the same period last year.

And the number of other "at risk" patients, who are under the age of 65 and suffer from various medical complications, has also decreased.

Figures show that by the end of last week, 48.9% of patients aged 65 or older had the flu jab, but in the same week in 2011, 54.8% of pensioners had received it.


Employees with flu 'under pressure to go to work'

Employees are feeling confused about what to do when experiencing flu-like symptoms and under pressure to go to work like never before.

This could lead to faster spread of the flu virus in warm, enclosed environments full of people such as a typical office - which will ultimately cost business more and of course impact on the nation's health, which is why the flu vaccine is so important.

– Professor John Oxford, virologist at Queen Mary University of London

One in three flu sufferers pressurised to work

Workers are at risk of catching flu from colleagues who fear taking time off when they are ill, a new study has found.

Many workers say they feel pressured to go into work even if they have flu Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

One in three employees (32%) feel pressured to go into work even if they have the virus, despite 36% saying they fret about an impending outbreak of new flu strains, according to the research.

More than half (54%) of those who said they would still go into work claimed it was because bosses and co-workers would take them for shirkers.

The survey for The Co-Operative Pharmacy also found that 26% of workers are unsure about the difference between a cold and the flu.