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Former goalkeeper Mondragon in hospital

Farid Mondragón won 51 caps for Colombia. Credit: PA

Former Galatasaray goalkeeper Farid Mondragón has been hopitalised after an apparent suicide attempt in Colombia.

The ex-Colombia international, who is the oldest player to ever play at a World Cup, was admitted to hospital after reportedly taking an overdose of anti-depressants.

The Valle de Lili hospital in Cali released a statement saying Mondragon is under medical observation due to a "metabolic imbalance".

“There is only me who can judge my life, and I’m tired of being judged by others without the possibility of defending myself,” Mondragon posted on Instagram prior to the incident.

Venezuela steps up deportation of Colombians

Venezuela has ramped up a deportation programme for Colombians - in some cases separating children from their parents, Colombia's migration office has said.

Venezuela has stepped up its deportation programme for Colombians Credit: Reuters

President Nicolas Maduro closed two official border crossings between the two countries last week, following a shootout between an armed smuggling gang and troops which left three soldiers wounded.

He later declared a 60-day state of emergency in five regions near the border, saying Venezuela was a "victim" of "paramilitaries and the Colombian right".

Since then, 612 adult Colombian citizens and 139 minors have been returned to their native country.

While children cannot legally be deported, authorities have been describing their movements as "repatriations".

Colombia's Foreign Ministry has demanded guarantees that families will be kept together during the deportation process.


Colombia to cut attacks on Farc rebels

File photo of Colombian soldiers on patrol. Credit: Reuters

The Colombian government and leftist rebels have announced that they will seek to work out a full ceasefire that would end conflict that has lasted over fifty years.

Colombia has agreed to scale down military action if the guerilla group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) suspends all attacks.

The de-escalation is scheduled to begin on 20th July, said a joint statement read in Havana, where the two sides have been negotiating on a peace accord for almost three years.

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