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Court order forces release of Sandy Hook 911 calls

A court order has forced the publication of recordings of emergency calls made to police during the Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut, USA, last year.

Operators can be heard responding to witnesses including a teacher and a caretaker who report hearing gunshots.

Prosecutors had tried to block the release of the audio files but a legal challenge from the Associated Press news agency ensured the recordings were made public.

Former pupil Adam Lanza, 20, fatally shot 20 schoolchildren, six members of staff, his mother and himself on 14th December 2012.


Hero teacher's family: 'Report yet another blow to us'

The family of Victoria Soto, a teacher who shielded her students before being shot to death by Adam Lanza, said the release of the report into the massacre is "yet another blow that our family has been dealt."

Victoria Soto was killed while trying to protect her pupils.

"While others search for the answer as to why this happened, we search for the how. How can we live without Vicki? How do we celebrate Christmas without Vicki? Those are the questions we seek the answers for. There is nothing in the report that will answer those for us," the family statement said.

Yale University lifts lockdown alert for entire campus

Yale University is no longer in lockdown after lifting its security alert for the entire campus.

The university had been on lockdown following an anonymous call to police in which someone claimed their room-mate was en route to the university's Old Campus "with the intention of shooting people".

Police photos reveal the horror of Sandy Hook shooting

Pictures from inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School released by Connecticut authorities show how Adam Lanza shot his way into the school building through a glass window.

He went on to kill 26 people, including 20 children.

Lanza shot his way through the glass windows Credit: Connecticut State report
The pictures show broken windows Credit: Connecticut State report

Police: Yale gunman call 'may have been a hoax'

Police believe a phone call reporting a man was en route to Yale University's campus "with the intention of shooting people" may have been a hoax.

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, was lockdown following the security alert, with Yale, New Haven and state police among the forces who descended on the Old Campus in the hunt for the gunman.

Police said Yale's Old Campus is still in lockdown but the 'shelter in place' alert has been lifted elsewhere.

New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman said the anonymous caller, who is not believed to be a student, was the one making the threat.

Esserman said the FBI is using voice recognition software to try and determine the identity of the caller, who will then be arrested and charged.

"We're going to find the person who made that call, we're going to put handcuffs on the person who made that call," Esserman added.


Violent video games & guns in school shooter's room

Adam Lanza kept violent video games and articles describing various mass-shootings in his bedroom, the report into the Sandy Hook massacre revealed.

Adam Lanza's home in Connecticut Credit: Connecticut State report
Investigators found a large number of firearms in the home. Credit: Connecticut State report

Previously unseen images from inside the gunman's home show more guns and ammunition as well as edged weapons, knives, swords and spears. The photographs also show Lanza's bedroom windows taped over with black bin bags.

Lanza covered the windows in his bedroom with bin bags. Credit: Connecticut State report

US school gunman was carrying 253 ammunition rounds

Adam Lanza had 253 live rounds on his body when police found him dead in the Sandy Hook Elementary School. He killed 26 people, including 20 children in the attack, firing 154 rounds.

Ammunition found on Lanza’s body

He carried nearly 14 kilograms worth of guns and ammunition, a State Attorney report into the Sandy Hook shootings revealed.

All of firearms Lanza used in the attack were purchased legally by his mother, the report said.

Lanza 'undoubtedly had mental health problems'

A report into the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School has concluded gunman Adam Lanza was "undoubtedly afflicted with mental health problems" and had a "fascination with mass shootings".

Adam Lanza shot dead 20 pupils and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in a matter of minutes.

The report, prepared by the State Attorney, says: "Those who knew the shooter describe him in contradictory ways. He was undoubtedly afflicted with mental health problems; yet despite a fascination with mass shootings and firearms, he displayed no aggressive or threatening tendencies.

"In some contexts he was viewed as having above-average intelligence; in others below-average.

"Some recalled that the shooter had been bullied; but others – including many teachers – saw nothing of the sort. With some people he could talk with them and be humorous; but many others saw the shooter as unemotional, distant, and remote."

Yale lifts lockdown alert with exception of two areas

Yale University said it has lifted its "shelter in place" and lockdown alert "with the exception of Old Campus and Calhoun College".

The Ivy League university wrote on Twitter:

No further details were given.

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