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  1. Carl Dinnen

Cameron 'tries to bridge the gap Miliband has created'

The Prime Minister is trying to bridge the gap Ed Miliband has created between an improving economy and living standards, which lag behind.

David Cameron 'is trying to bridge the gap between an improving economy and living standards.' Credit: British Waterways/PA Archive

Reminding everyone that the two are inextricably linked will be absolutely central to the next General Election campaign.


  1. Carl Dinnen

PM 'addresses those at home watching speech on TV'

The way the autocue is placed, David Cameron is often staring straight into the camera; not just addressing the nation but talking to you at home watching the telly.

David Cameron appeared to be addressing the people at home watching his speech on TV. Credit: Kurt RAhrig/DPA/Press Association Images

It is very direct, especially when he says: "What matters is the effort you put in, and if you put the effort in you'll have the chance to make it."

(That's in the Land of Opportunity by the way).

Cameron expands on 'land of opportunity' theme

Expanding on his central theme of "a land of opportunity for all," Cameron says:

So it makes no difference whether you live in the North or in the South, whether you’re black or you’re white, a man or a woman, the school you went to, the background you have, who your parents were…

There is no shortcut to a land of opportunity. No quick fix. No easy way to do it.

You build it business by business, school by school, person by person ... patiently, practically, painstakingly.

And under-pinning it all is that deep, instinctive belief that if you trust people and give them the tools, they will succeed.

– David Cameron


Cameron compares task ahead to that facing Thatcher

The Prime Minister is moving onto Margaret Thatcher's legacy in government.

"Margaret Thatcher made our country stand tall again, at home and abroad," he says.

He compares his task to that of Mrs Thatcher who also had "an almighty mess to clear up when she came to office".

David Cameron compared the task facing his government to that of Margaret Thatcher's. Credit: PA/PA Wire

Recounting an anecdote at a dinner, he say: "After a while I said: 'Margaret, if you had your time in government again, is there anything you'd do differently?'

"And she turned to me and said: 'You know, I think I did pretty well the first time around'."

  1. Carl Dinnen

Standing ovation for armed forces during PM's speech

The Prime Minister gets the Conservative Party conference to give the armed forces a long standing ovation.

Delegates at the Conservative Party conference gave the armed forces a standing ovation during his speech. Credit: ITV News

We know - and he knows - that the love does not flow the other way in equal measure.

  1. Carl Dinnen

PM has a go at the Russians on 'small island' comment

The Prime Minister has a right go at the Russians over THAT "small island" comment during his conference speech.

"This small island beat Russia in the Olympics last year. The biggest-selling vodka brand in the world isn’t Russian, it’s British - Smirnoff - made in Fife. So yes, we may be a small island but I tell you what, we’re a great country."

The Tories don't mind a bit of bigging up Britain, don't mind it at all.

This is about building a sense of optimism.

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