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Cameron expands on 'land of opportunity' theme

Expanding on his central theme of "a land of opportunity for all," Cameron says:

So it makes no difference whether you live in the North or in the South, whether you’re black or you’re white, a man or a woman, the school you went to, the background you have, who your parents were…

There is no shortcut to a land of opportunity. No quick fix. No easy way to do it.

You build it business by business, school by school, person by person ... patiently, practically, painstakingly.

And under-pinning it all is that deep, instinctive belief that if you trust people and give them the tools, they will succeed.

– David Cameron

Cameron compares task ahead to that facing Thatcher

The Prime Minister is moving onto Margaret Thatcher's legacy in government.

"Margaret Thatcher made our country stand tall again, at home and abroad," he says.

He compares his task to that of Mrs Thatcher who also had "an almighty mess to clear up when she came to office".

David Cameron compared the task facing his government to that of Margaret Thatcher's. Credit: PA/PA Wire

Recounting an anecdote at a dinner, he say: "After a while I said: 'Margaret, if you had your time in government again, is there anything you'd do differently?'

"And she turned to me and said: 'You know, I think I did pretty well the first time around'."


Cameron combats 'small island' jibe

David Cameron is referring to reports that a Russian diplomat described Britain as as a small island that no-one cares about.

"Let me just get this off my chest one more time," he says before reeling off a list of British achievements including the Magna Carta, abolition of slavery our music industry and universities.

He rounds it off by adding that Britain "beat Russia at the Olympics last year".

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PM wants society where hardworkers 'can get on'

David Cameron will tell the Conservative conference today that he wants a society where a person who "puts the effort in" has a "chance to make it", regardless of their background.

He is expected to say:

In place of the casino economy, one where people who work hard can actually get on; in place of the welfare society, one where no individual is written off; in place of the broken education system, one that gives every child the chance to rise up and succeed.

Our economy, our society, welfare, schools all reformed, all rebuilt with one aim, one mission in mind - to make this country at long last and for the first time ever a land of opportunity for all.

So it makes no difference whether you live in the North or South, whether you're black or you're white, a man or a woman, the school you went to, the background you have, who your parents were.

What matters is the effort you put in and if you put the effort in, you'll have the chance to make it.

– David Cameron

Cameron to insist economy is 'turning the corner'

David Cameron will claim that the UK economy is finally "turning the corner" after the crisis, during his keynote speech at the Conservative conference in Manchester.

He will, however, insist that the job is not over and that Conservatives wants to move on from "clearing up the mess" they inherited from Labour to "building something better in its place".

The Prime Minister will also reject Labour's claims that the Tories only represent the "privileged few" by declaring that he wants to create a society in which everyone who works hard has "the chance to make it".

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