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May: Immigration control will lead to support for refugees

The Home Secretary has said that tighter immigration controls will lead to more public support for refugees.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Thersea May said:

"Without controlled immigration there will be less public support for taking in refugees. And while we cannot solve every problem in every corner of the world...we do have a moral duty to help people in need. We should play our part."

Questions over May's 'high immigration benefit close to zero' comments

Theresa May has claimed that "the net economic and fiscal effect of high immigration is close to zero" in her speech to the Conservative Party Conference.

Last year a report from the Office for Budget Responsibility suggested that higher net migration reduces pressure on government debt over time and tends to "produce a more beneficial picture" for the Government’s finances.

The NHS would be in "absolutely dire straits" without immigrant workers, an official from the Government spending watchdog told MPs last December.


Corbyn urges activists not to engage in 'personal abuse'

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the rally Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has urged activists to engage in "civilised debate" and not "personal abuse" after ugly scenes at demonstrations outside the Conservative Party conference.

The demonstration, involving about 60,000 people, was largely peaceful but some activists spat at journalists entering the Manchester Central venue and police made four arrests.

The crowd listening to Jeremy Corbyn speak at the rally

If we go into politics, we go into our union work, we go into our lives on the basis that what we say we hope is of value, what the other person says we hope is of value, and we engage in an intelligent, civilised debate, not responding to personal abuse and not making personal abuse."

– Jeremy Corbyn


George Osborne has announced a "devolution revolution"

George Osborne has announced a "devolution revolution" giving councils full control over business rates.

The chancellor used his speech at the Conservative Party conference to lay out why the party should stay in power long term.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship reports from Manchester:

Osborne thanks 'friend' Cameron for support

George Osborne thanked David Cameron for his support in a conference speech viewed by many as a pitch to be his successor.

The Chancellor gave a special thank you to the Prime Minister during his address in Manchester, thanking him for his support when some had doubted his abilities during the coalition government's five-year term.

"Let's face it, there were moments when lots of people had doubts about whether our plans would work - moments, as I was well aware, that people had doubts about me."

He added that "my friend" Mr Cameron had supported him both privately and publicly during that period.

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