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Protests and promotions at Downing Street

Downing Street was the scene of protests and promotions as the warm glow of victory gave way to hard work and noisy opposition.

Michael Gove moved from chief whip to running the Justice Department and there were arrests and violence as anti-austerity voices were raised at the gates, just yards from Number Ten, as ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener reports.

Seventeen arrested in Downing Street demonstration

Seventeen people have now been arrested by police in Westminster during an anti-austerity protest outside Downing Street.

They were arrested for a variety of public order offences, violent disorder and assault on police.

Seventeen arrested in Downing Street demonstration Credit: Rick Findler/PA Wire

Four police officers and one member of police staff have been injured policing this protest. Two are being treated in hospital. One officer is being treated for a suspected dislocated shoulder. The member of police staff is being treated for a cut lip after being struck by an object. The three other officers were assaulted and did not require hospital treatment.

There are no reported injuries to any members of the public.

UPDATE 10/05/2015: Police have revised the number of arrests made to 15.


Four police officers injured in anti-Tory protest

Five people were arrested at the protest. Credit: Rick Findler/PA Wire

Four police officers and a member of police staff were injured during anti-austerity protest against the new Conservative Government. Riot police clashed with frustrated crowds outside Downing Street.

Four people have been arrested for public order offences and a fifth for assaulting a police officer.

Police injured in anti-Conservative protests

The crowds were peaceful earlier today. Credit: Rick Findler/PA

A police officer and a member of police staff are being treated in hospital after being injured during an anti-austerity campaign against the new Tory Government. The pair were part of a large police presence at the ongoing protest which began outside Conservative headquarters and moved to outside Downing Street today.

Protesters took to the streets in anger at the new Conservative Government, just a day after David Cameron claimed victory at the ballot boxes.

The mood became more fractious this evening. Credit: ITV news/ Sue Saville
  1. Sue Saville

Spirited protest turns angry as police push back

There were angry scuffles near the gates of Downing Street as protesters demonstrated against the new Conservative government today.

The protesters were calling for an end to austerity and for the protection of the NHS.

Protesters and police earlier today Credit: Rick Findler/PA Wire

Scores of police were brought in to contain the protests, which started in high spirits with musical accompaniment, but became ill-tempered when police formed a chain to push the demonstrators back along Whitehall.

Police, protesters, passers-by and the media were pressed tight in as they passed the Cenotaph, bearing its floral tributes to the sacrifices of those who died to save democracy in the war which ended 70 years ago.

Some protesters sat in the road, some let off smoke flares; all were moved on as the police dispersed the crowds.


Peter Bone: Cameron will fail in European negotiations

Peter Bone, a high profile Eurosceptic backbencher, tells ITVNews he thinks David Cameron will fail in his renegotiation with Europe.

What I want him to do is exactly what he says he's going to do, which is to hold the referendum by the end of 2017. He has also said he'd like to bring it forward if he can do that, that's great too.

I think he'll go to Europe, I think he'll negotiate very well, but I think he'll fail to get the British people want, not because of his efforts, but because what the European bureaucrats, they live on a different planet.

I'll campaign to stay out of the European super state.. we'll see what the British people decide.

– Peter Bone
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