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Thomas Cook ex chief Harriet Green handed £5.7m bonus

Thomas Cook's ex chief executive Harriet Green has been handed a shares bonus worth £5.7 million.

Green is to donate a third to charity in the wake of the deaths of Christi and Bobby Shepherd from carbon monoxide poisoning on holiday in Corfu, the company said.

Thomas Cook ex chief Harriet Green handed £5.7m bonus. Credit: PA

Ms Green was the subject of accusations by the mother of Bobbi and Christi Shepherd over a claim she used their memory to gain public sympathy.


Corfu tragedy mum: Thomas Cook ex-CEO has 'no humanity'

The mother of two children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning while on a Thomas Cook holiday in 2006 has accused the company's former boss of failing to show any "humanity".

Sharon Wood said Harriet Green has still not spoken to the family, and accused the ex-chief executive of trying to "offload" her guilt by donating a third of her shares to charity, and said it was "abhorrent" to use her children's deaths as a way to provoke public sympathy.

ITV News consumer editor Chris Choi reports:

Parliament to examine Thomas Cook over Corfu deaths

Mary Creagh MP has tabled a Parliamentary motion condemning the actions of Thomas Cook after the deaths of Christi and Bobby Shepherd.

Christi and Bobby Shepherd were aged seven and six when they died. Credit: Family handout

Thomas Cook's treatment of the family has been disgraceful. Successive Chief Executives refused to meet with the family, they failed to stop the people convicted of Christi and Bobby’s manslaughter being re-employed in Thomas Cook hotels. Thomas Cook even tried to stop the inquest into the children's deaths taking place.

This motion sets out the full facts of Thomas Cook’s actions. I want to ensure that Thomas Cook never fail another family. Sharon and Neil now want Thomas Cook and the UK government to lead a Europe-wide campaign for improved carbon monoxide safety.

– Mary Creagh


Hotel to discuss memorial with Bobby and Christi's family

The owners of a Corfu hotel are to discuss what should happen to the land after the bungalow where Bobby and Christi Shepherd died is demolished.

The children's parents have called for a playground to be put in its place in memory of the six and seven year old.

A statement from the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel said: "It is the intention of the company to privately discuss with the family the most appropriate use of this area in memory of Christi and Bobby.”

Corfu deaths: Bungalow to be demolished at end of season

The owners of the hotel in Corfu where two children from carbon monoxide poisoning have confirmed the bungalow where they died will be demolished at the end of the holiday season.

It comes after the family of Bobby and Christi Shepherd called for the bungalow to be demolished.

ITV News Rebecca Barry reports:

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