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Uefa open disciplinary proceedings over 'Swastika'

The Swastika could be seen from the stands. Credit: Reuters

The Croatian FA could find themselves in trouble after Uefa opened disciplinary proceedings against them over a Swastika being marked onto their pitch ahead of their behind-closed-doors clash with Italy.

Bleach was used to imprint the symbol on the pitch, which the Croatians have claimed was sabotage done ahead of the 1-1 draw in Split.


UN court: Serbia and Croatia did not commit genocide

The UN's highest court has ruled that neither Croatia nor Serbia committed genocide against each other's populations during the Balkan wars that followed the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The ICJ ruled neither Croatia nor Serbia committed genocide. Credit: REUTERS/Antonio Bronic

Peter Tomka, president of the International Court of Justice, said many crimes had been committed by both countries' forces during the conflict.

However, the intent to commit genocide - by "destroying a population in whole or in part" - had not been proven against either country, he added.

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Father and two children killed in Croatia car crash

A father and two of his children have been killed after their car crashed into a lorry in Croatia. 37-year-old Erion Isufi, 15-year-old Richard Isufi and Ramela, who was 14 died near the village of Slano.

Erion Isufi Credit: Facebook
Richard Isufi Credit: Facebook
Ramela Isufi Credit: Facebook

They were on their way to Dubrovnik when it's thought Erion lost control of their car. His wife Meri and youngest son, 9-year-old Clive were seriously injured.


Identities of 3 Britons killed in Croatia crash unknown

The identities of three members of a UK family of five killed in a car crash in Croatia are not yet known but the British Embassy has been informed of the incident.

The family were travelling in a car with British number plates, indicating they had driven to the region from the UK.

The road where the crash took is a key route for tourists travelling to Dubrovnik and remains closed as police carry on the clean-up operation, a spokeswoman told Central European News.

Three members of British family killed in Croatia crash

Three members of a British family have been killed after a head on collision with a truck in south Croatia.

Three Britons have died after a car crash in Croatia. Credit: CEN

The incident, which happened on the Adriatic coast road on the way to popular tourist destination Dubrovnik, left two children and their father dead while the man's wife and another child are critically injured.

Both the woman and the child are in intensive care with doctors saying that the mother has the more serious injuries of the two.

The car the family were travelling in struck a concrete verge on the side of the road and veered into the path of a truck coming in the opposite direction, according to reports.

The mother and a child survived the crash. Credit: CEN

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "We are aware of an incident in Dubrovnik and we are in touch with the local authorities. We stand ready to provide consulate assistance".

Newborn goat nicknamed 'octogoat' for its eight legs

A farmer from Croatia thought he was seeing double when his goat Sarka gave birth to an eight-legged baby, nicknamed 'octogoat'.

Vets believe the newborn's condition is the result of an under-developed twin sibling because it has both male and female reproductive organs.

It is highly unlikely the goat will survive, according to local vets. Credit: PA

Vets have said it is highly unlikely the goat will survive but if it lives past the first week, it may go on to live for two or three years.

The 'octogoat' as both male and female reproductive organs. Credit: PA

Croatia player banned from World Cup for fascist chant

Croatia defender Josip Simunic will miss the World Cup after being banned for 10 matches by FIFA for shouting a fascist chant following his team's play-off victory over Iceland last month.

Josip Simunic will miss the World Cup Credit: Nick Potts/PA Wire

Mr Simunic shouted a Croatian chant that was used during World War II by the fascist “Ustaše” movement.

He has also been ordered to pay a fine of 30,000 Swiss francs (£20,700) and banned from entering the stadium during for any of the country's matches.

"The committee agreed that this salute was discriminatory and offended the dignity of a group of persons concerning, inter alia, race, religion or origin," a FIFA statement said.

Croatia Football Federation executive chairman Damir Vrbanovic suggested Mr Simunic was being made an example of in order to send a message to others.

"We are shocked by the decision of FIFA with regard to penalties for Simunic, which endangers the player's representative career," he said

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