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Obama told Cuba 'should be removed from US terror list'

Cuba should be removed from the United States' list of state sponsors of terrorism, a White House aide has revealed.

The US State Department made the recommendations to President Barack Obama.

Speaking during a trip to Jamaica, Obama said he was awaiting advice from his personal aides and would not make a decision immediately.

Removing Cuba from the list is seen as clearing a major obstacle in restoring diplomatic relations between the two countries after more than 50 years of hostility.


Fidel Castro appears to approve US talks in letter

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro appears approve his nation's talks with the US in a letter published on the website of Cuba's Communist Party newspaper Granma.

A student reads from the letter attributed to former Cuban leader Fidel Castro Credit: Reuters

The 88-year-old is quoted as saying: "I don't trust the policy of the United States nor have I had an exchange with them, but this does not mean ... a rejection of a peaceful solution to conflicts or the dangers of war."

Cuba's current president Raul Castro has been holding high-level talks with the US government since the two countries announced a rapprochement on 17th December.

Fidel Castro was forced into retirement in 2008 by poor health and was succeeded by his brother Raul, who is now 83.

Cuban man jailed by US for spying would 'welcome Obama visit'

It has been a week of historic diplomacy in the Cuban capital.

Tonight, the extraordinary changes taking place between the USA and Cuba are illustrated in the words of a Cuban man who is hailed as a hero in his country after being jailed in the US for spying.

He has told ITV News that he would welcome a visit to Havana by President Barack Obama.

ITV News' Washington Correspondent Robert Moore has this report:


Cuba frees 53 political prisoners in deal with US

Recently released dissidents Aide Gallardo (L) and Sonia Garro hold the Cuban national flag during a march in Havana January 11, 2015. Credit: Reuters

Cuba has completed the release of all 53 political prisoners it had promised the US it would free, Reuters have reported.

In a major step towards normalising relations with the United States, he release of the remaining detainees overcomes a big hurdle for historic talks aimed a reconciling the two nations.

There had been questions whether Havana would release all those it had pledged to free as part of the deal that Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced on 17 December to restore diplomatic ties, which Washington severed more than 50 years ago.

The White House welcomed Cuba's action as a milestone, but senior US officials said Washington would keep pressing Havana to free more people they consider political prisoners.

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