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CCTV appears to show hijacker going through security

These CCTV images appear to show Mustafa going through airport security in Egypt Credit: PA

CCTV footage has been released which appears to show alleged plane hijacker Seif Eldin Mustafa going through security.

The images were taken by cameras at Egypt's Alexandria airport in the hours before the hijack.

Mustafa was arrested around six hours after several hostages were taken on board EgyptAir flight MS181 before being released unharmed.


Plane hijacker led away by officials at Lanarca Airport

The man arrested for hijacking an Egyptian passenger plane has been seen being led away from the aircraft at Lanarca Airport in Cyprus.

Pictures showed a man in a white shirt being led through the airport's grounds by a large group of officials.

EgyptAir hijacker is arrested

The hijacking of an EgyptAir passenger plane this morning is "over" after a man suspected of orchestrating the incident was arrested.

Cypriot broadcasters reported the hijacker emerged from the Airbus 320, which had been travelling from Burg El Arab to Cairo, with his hands help up.


Man filmed escaping plane through cockpit window

Several more people have been seen leaving the hijacked EgyptAir plane that landed in Cyprus, including one man who climbed out of the cockpit window.

Three people dressed in uniform were also seen running down the plane's steps.

One man was seen climbing out of the right hand window of the plane's cockpit before running away from the plane. Credit: RTV
Other apparent crew members were seen leaving the aircraft by the stairs. Credit: RTV
The crew exits came after the vast majority of passengers were earlier freed from the hijacked plane at the Cypriot airport. Credit: RTV

Cyprus foreign ministry: Hijacker appears 'unstable'

The EgyptAir plane hijack does not appear related to terrorism and the hijacker appears "unstable", the Cyprus foreign ministry has said.

The hijackers motives are still unclear and negotiations and continuing, they added.

Seven people remain on board the hijacked passenger plane which was forced to land at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus, according to Egyptian authorities.

EgyptAir hijacker is identified

A man who hijacked an EgyptAir plane earlier today causing it to land in Cyprus has been identified.

The Cypriot Foreign Affairs Ministry officially named the hijacker as Seif Eldin Mustafa.

They added that the situation, where hostages remain on board the plane, is ongoing.

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