Cyprus 'Most Wanted' list released

A rogues' gallery of 11 fugitives suspected of crimes including drug smuggling and fraud thought to be hiding in Cyprus has been published.

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Report: Cyprus savers to be offered shares

Savers with the Bank of Cyprus could be given shares in the bank, a source close to the negotiations has told the news agency Reuters.

Under the current proposals depositors with more than €100,000 in the bank would:

  • Be given shares in the bank worth 37.5% of their original deposit, the bank would use this money to improve its financial position.
  • Approximately 22.5% of the remainder of their saving would earn no interest.
  • The remaining 40% would continue to earn interest but it would only be paid if the bank started performing well.
  • Therefore if the bank continued to perform badly, 62.5% of the savers original deposits would not be earning any interest.

Reuters reports that depositors would have no guarantee that any of money over the 37.5% of shares offered, would actually be paid back to savers if the bank collapsed.

President: Cyprus has 'no intention' of leaving the euro

Cyprus has no intention of leaving the European single currency, the island's president said today, assuring Cypriots that the situation was "contained" in the wake of a tough bailout deal with the European Union. He told a conference in Nicosia:

We have no intention of leaving the euro. In no way will we experiment with the future of our country.

– President Nicos Anastasiades


No riots and no queues: The run on Cypriot banks happened with keyboards

by - Economics Editor

The precious eurozone deposit guarantee on the first €100,000 in an account, that has survived in tact - but only just. The very fact that politicians considered imposing a levy has sown the seed of doubt in depositors minds right across the eurozone, but especially in the weaker countries.

Why is that so significant? Well, if there is even a hint of trouble at your own bank the only rational thing to do is to go and get your cash out as quickly as possible - that is how a run on banks starts.

The government deposit guarantee that your money is safe that is the only thing that can really stop that. What we now know is that other governments could potentially break their word on those.

Open doors and no queues, but despite the restrictions money still left Cyprus
Open doors and no queues, but despite the restrictions money still left Cyprus Credit: Reuters

The insecurity all this has created in Cyprus has led to the control on the free movement of finance for the first time in the eurozone so that sets a precedent. Although there has been no visible sign of panic today but we did learn that there has been a run on the banks - by stealth.

Depositors from other eurozone countries have withdrawn a fifth of their deposits in the last month alone. So while no riots in the streets, no queues - it happened with keyboards.

Cypriot patience is sure to be tested

by - Europe Correspondent

The banks have now closed after just six hours of trading and the Cypriot president today praised his people for their maturity and collectedness, in the face of everything they have faced over the past weeks.

However the patience of this very patient nation is likely to be tested in the days ahead. The restrictions that have been put in place were supposed to only be there for seven days - we now understand they will stay in place for at least a month.

That is going to have a very serious affect on the economy and the people trying to make a living within it.

Cyprus bank worker thanks customers for 'understanding'

Laiki bank worker Stelios Koukos has tweeted his relief after a busy first day back at work after Cyprus banks reopened today:


Just got home from work! A big thank you to Laiki's customers for their humane attitude and their understanding! At least those I've served!

Laiki is the bank in the worst state in Cyprus.

More on Laiki bank from Europe Correspondent Emma Murphy.

Cyprus financial restrictions 'lifted in a month'

Cyprus expects to fully lift the regime of financial restrictions on its banks in "about a month," Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said.

"A number of restrictions will be lifted and gradually, probably over a period of about a month according to the estimates of the central bank, the restrictions will be fully lifted," Kasoulides told reporters.

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