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  1. Darren Burn - ITV News Producer

Cypriots wait to get their hands on cash as banks reopen

Minor queues are starting to form outside banks in suburbs of Nicosia. Thequeues are mainly those without bank cards who have been unable to use ATMsduring bank closures.

Queues are forming outside Cypriot banks after two-week closure. Credit: ITV News/Darren Burn
Queues of people - mainly without credit cards - are waiting to get their hands on their money in Cyprus. Credit: ITV News/Darren Burn

Bank staff prepare to reopen branches in Cyprus

Banks in Cyprus are preparing to reopen after being closed for almost two weeks, amid the country's financial crisis. Customers will be subject to restrictions about the amount of cash that can be withdrawn.

An employee opens a safe inside a Bank of Cyprus branch before it opens in Nicosia. Credit: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis
An employee counts money by an open safe inside a Laiki Bank branch before it opens. Credit: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Cash delivered by security firms to Cypriot banks

Cash is being delivered to Cypriot banks by G4S security teams. The firm is also guarding branches as banks prepare to reopen after being closed for almost two weeks, amid the country's financial crisis.

A G4S van is seen leaving the Bank of Cyprus headquarters. Credit: EBU


Security firms don't expect 'chaos' as Cyprus banks open

John Arghyrou, managing director of G4S Cyprus, says he doesn't believe there will be a run on the banks in the country today as they reopen after being closed for nearly two weeks.

Security has been tightened around the country's banks as they get to set to re-open at 10am UK time. The banks were closed as a controversial international financial bailout was agreed and implemented.

Restrictions on withdrawals as Cyprus banks re-open

People in Cyprus will be able to visit their banks on Thursday for the first time in two weeks but restrictions have been introduced on what they are able to do.

These are reported to be:

  • Cash withdrawals from banks will be limited to €300 a day
  • Cashing of cheques have been banned
  • Businesses are barred from transferring money abroad unless they can show it is for imports
  • People leaving the island can take no more than €3,000 in notes
  • Limit of €5,000 per month on use of credit cards abroad
  • Families with members studying abroad cannot send more than €10,000 a term to relatives

Limits on withdrawals as Cyprus banks due to re-open

As well as confirming that banks will open tomorrow the Bank of Cyprus has also announced new final capital controls.

View of the Bank of Cyprus in Nikosia, Cyprus Credit: Maurizio Gambarini/DPA/Press Association Images

This includes €1,000 cap on cash allowed for trips abroad per person per trip. The maximum amount of cash withdrawn may not exceed € 300 per day per person in each institution or its equivalent in foreign currency.

No cheques will be cashed and no specific date has yet been set for lifting of controls.

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