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Theresa May on new Daniel Morgan inquiry

The Metropolitan Police have indicated that there is no likelihood of any successful prosecutions being brought in the foreseeable future. They have also admitted that police corruption was a “debilitating factor” in the original investigation.

This has led to calls for an inquiry from Mr Morgan’s family, who have waged a long campaign for those responsible for his murder to be brought to justice. I have met with the family and, after further serious consideration with them and their representatives, I am today announcing the creation of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel.

Importantly, the Panel’s work will put Mr Morgan’s family at the centre of the process and the approach to this issue has the support of the MPS Commissioner and the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

– Home Secretary Theresa May

Questions for the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel

A new inquiry into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan will seek to address the questions arising, including those relating to:

  • Police involvement in the murder
  • The role played by police corruption in protecting those responsible for the murder from being brought to justice and the failure to confront that corruption.
  • The incidence of connections between private investigators, police officers and journalists at the News of the World and other parts of the media and alleged corruption involved in the linkages between them.


New inquiry into private investigator's murder

A new inquiry into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan has been announced by the Home Office.

The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel will be chaired by Sir Stanley Burnton, a retired Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal.

Mr Morgan was found with an axe in his head in south London pub car park in 1987.

Its remit will be to shine a light on the circumstances of Mr Morgan’s murder, its background and the handling of the case over the period since 1987.

Daniel Morgan murder trial collapsed in 2011

In 2011, a trial of four men charged with Daniel Morgan's murder in 2008 collapsed following alleged failures by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

At the time, Det Ch Supt Hamish Campbell of the Metropolitan Police Service said:

We recognise the severe disappointment this will cause and how deeply upsetting it is to Daniel's family and friends.

Thousands of lines of inquiry have been pursued since 1987 and over three quarters of a million documents have accrued and been examined.

On behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service I sincerely apologise to Daniel Morgan's family and it is with considerable regret that a trial cannot proceed.

This current investigation has identified, ever more clearly, how the initial inquiry failed the family and wider public. It is quite apparent that police corruption was a debilitating factor in that investigation. This was wholly unacceptable.

Brother: Corruption has to be looked straight in the eye

Despite six criminal investigations, it has been claimed that police corruption prevented private investigator Daniel Morgan's murder in 1987 from being solved.

Mr Morgan's brother Alastair told the BBC's Newsnight: "If we're going to deal with corruption in the police force, we have to look at it straight in the eye.

"We have to see how it works, the nuts and bolts of it, where it started, what decisions were made."

Daniel Morgan family hope for inquiry into his murder

It is widely expected that Home Secretary Theresa May will make an announcement on an independent judge-led inquiry into the murder of Daniel Morgan.

The private investigator was found with an axe in his head in a London pub car park in 1987.

Daniel Morgan was found dead in a car park of a south London pub. Credit: ITV News

It has been claimed that police corruption prevented the murder from being solved despite six criminal investigations.


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Former police officer accuses NOTW of derailing murder investigation

Former police officer Jacqui Hames testified to the Leveson Inquiry this afternoon Credit: APTN

A former police officer has told the Leveson inquiry that she believes people at the News of the World were involved in an attempt to 'derail' a murder investigation.

Jacqui Hames said she believes 'there was some collusion between people at the News of the World and people suspected of committing the murder of Daniel Morgan.'

Her husband Chief Superintendent Dave Cook was a high profile detective on the investigation, he was put under surveillance by the newspaper she says.

When an explanation was sought from the News of the World, she says the then News International boss Rebekah Brooks told Scotland Yard that they had been investigating suspicions that Jacqui Hames was having an affair with her husband, and that the newspaper hadn't realised they were married.

This explanation was described by Jacqui Hames today as 'absolutely pathetic'.