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Former police officer accuses NOTW of derailing murder investigation

Former police officer Jacqui Hames testified to the Leveson Inquiry this afternoon Credit: APTN

A former police officer has told the Leveson inquiry that she believes people at the News of the World were involved in an attempt to 'derail' a murder investigation.

Jacqui Hames said she believes 'there was some collusion between people at the News of the World and people suspected of committing the murder of Daniel Morgan.'

Her husband Chief Superintendent Dave Cook was a high profile detective on the investigation, he was put under surveillance by the newspaper she says.

When an explanation was sought from the News of the World, she says the then News International boss Rebekah Brooks told Scotland Yard that they had been investigating suspicions that Jacqui Hames was having an affair with her husband, and that the newspaper hadn't realised they were married.

This explanation was described by Jacqui Hames today as 'absolutely pathetic'.