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Anti-Semitic terms 'should be treated as race-hate'

The comedian David Baddiel has told ITV News that Jewish people should given the same level of protection against anti-Semitic terms as other racist language.

He acknowledged that Spurs fans were divided on the issue, but insisted that Jewish people should be given the "same thought, significance and protection" as other ethnic minorities against racist language.

Baddiel: 'PM does not understand context of 'Yid' term'

David Baddiel has told ITV News that David Cameron has not understood the wider context of the word "Yid".

Mr Cameron told the Jewish Chronicle that Spurs fans who use the term should not be prosecuted. But many find the term anti-Semitic and offensive.

The comedian told UK Editor Lucy Manning that the Prime Minister would not let another racist term "pass his lips":

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Baddiel 'OK' with PM taking opposing view on chant

Comedian David Baddiel, who has backed a campaign to ban football fans using an anti-Semitic term, said he is "OK" with the Prime Minister "taking an opposing position to me."

Baddiel wrote on Twitter: