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David Cameron refuses to rule out recommending EU exit

The Prime Minister has refused to rule out recommending a British exit from the European Union at the upcoming referendum, describing negotiations with Brussels as "bloody hard work".

As Tories gathered for a conference set to be dominated by Europe and the crisis in Syria, Mr Cameron said he was "calmly and rationally" attempting to persuade European counterparts to back his drive for reform ahead of an in/out referendum on the UK's EU membership.


PM: 'Labour can't be trusted with our national security'

David Cameron speaking in Jamaica Credit: ITV News

David Cameron has said Labour cannot be trusted with Britain's national security in response to Jeremy Corbyn's answer on Trident.

When Mr Corbyn was asked if he would ever press the nuclear button if he was Prime Minister, he said: "No."

Well look, the independent nuclear deterrent that we have in Britain is a vital insurance policy for our nation in what is a very dangerous world.

And frankly, the way the Labour Leader has answered that question undermines our deterrent and demonstrates that Labour can't be trusted with our national security which after all is the most important duty of government.

– David Cameron

PM condemns slavery during Jamaican parliament speech

David Cameron addressing MPs Credit: PA

David Cameron condemned the slave trade and announced a £360 million financial package when he addressed the Jamaican parliament.

Slavery was and is abhorrent in all its forms. It has no place whatsoever in any civilised society, and Britain is proud to have eventually led the way in its abolition.

– David Cameron

He added he hoped Britain and the Caribbean could "move on from this painful legal and continue to build for the future".

During the visit to Jamaica, David Cameron has come under pressure to make financial amends for Britain's role in slavery but he has ruled out making reparations.

MP Mike Henry was absent from the address. He had previously declared to a local newspaper if reparation was not on the agenda he would not be attending.


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