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PM hails 'landmark' research project to map DNA

A "landmark" project to map 100,000 complete DNA code sequences has been hailed by the Prime Minister, who hopes it will make Britain a world leader in genetic research.

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Scientists hope the research will mean more treatments can be based on the patient's genetics. Credit: PA

David Cameron predicted the £300 million genome project would make the UK a world leader for research into rare cancers and diseases.

Over the next four years, about 75,000 patients with cancer and rare diseases, plus their close relatives, will have their whole genetic codes, or genomes, sequenced.

Cancer patients will have the DNA of both healthy and tumour cells mapped, making up the 100,000 total.

Scientists expect the project to be pivotal to the development of future personalised treatments based on genetics, with the potential to revolutionise medicine.

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Enterprise means 'prosperity and economic security'

More business and enterprise means "prosperity and economic security for us all", according to David Cameron

In a major speech on the economy to be given alter today, the PM is expected to say:

As part of our long-term economic plan we are backing business and ensuring our budding entrepreneurs get the finance and support they need to kick-start and grow their businesses.

Business and enterprise mean more jobs for hard working people; more opportunities for people to break out on their own and be their own boss; and more prosperity and economic security for us all.

– David Cameron


Balls accuses Conservatives of cutting taxes for the rich

Ed Balls will criticise the Conservatives for cutting taxes "at the top" and doing nothing to help those on low incomes increase their wealth.

In a speech given in Bedford, Mr Balls will say:

We know the Tories' real economic plan - it's to cut taxes at the top and hope that wealth will just trickle down.

Having already cut taxes for millionaires in this Parliament, they're champing at the bit to do it again if they win the election - cutting the top rate of tax for people earning over £150,000 again from 45p to 40p. Another tax cut worth £3 billion for the richest 1% of our country.

– Ed Balls

Cameron and Balls set out visions on economy

David Cameron and Ed Balls will both set out what they want to see from the economy in separate speeches later today.

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The IMF has raised its forecast for the economy twice in 2014. Credit: PA

The Prime Minister will announce a £100 million cash injection into the "Business Bank", where the Government provides loans to entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

The Conservative party leader will also claim the Government has reached a significant milestone by awarding the 20,000th loan to an entrepreneur.

However, Labour's Ed Balls will hit out at the drop in real-terms wages and criticise the Government for failing to act.

The Shadow Chancellor is expected to say average earnings having fallen by £1,600 in real terms since 2010, the current parliament will be the first since the 1920s when real earnings will be lower at the end than they were at the beginning.

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Case 'remains open' into Big Society Network

The Charity Commission's case into the Society Network Foundation - the charitable arm of the Big Society Network - "remains open and ongoing", a spokeswoman has confirmed.

It is alleged that the organisation misused government funding and made inappropriate payments to its directors.

Our case into the Society Network Foundation remains open and ongoing.

We have received a response to questions we had relating to connected-party transactions and the use of a grant.

However this does not fully address our concerns and we are in the process of engaging further with the trustees.

We are also awaiting copies of documents that explain the grounds on which a grant was given.

– Charity Commission spokeswoman

Big Society Network 'misused government funds'

The Big Society Network, launched as part of a flagship scheme by David Cameron in 2010, is reportedly being investigated over the misuse of government funds.

It is said the organisation was given at least £2.5 million of National Lottery funding and public-sector grants - but is now under scrutiny by the Charity Commission, reports the Independent.

There are also claims that government grant-awarding bodies were pressured into handing over cash to the organisation.


Cameron calls on Russia to release MH17 information

Russia probably has "really valuable information" on the MH17 plane crash, which left 298 people dead, and should "release what they know", David Cameron said.

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The Prime Minister, who was speaking during a visit to the Shetland Islands, also welcomed the "good news" of fresh sanctions being imposed on Russia by the European Union.

He said: "I would make the point that the people who probably have the really valuable information about what happened to this flight are the Russians and they should release what they know about what happened over the skies of eastern Ukraine."

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UK air accident investigators to retrieve black box data

David Cameron has tweeted that air accident investigators in the UK will retrieve date from the black boxes of MH17.


We've agreed Dutch request for air accident investigators at Farnborough to retrieve data from #MH17 black boxes for international analysis.

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