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PM: Winston Churchill's legacy continues to inspire

David Cameron has said his predecessor Sir Winston Church's legacy continues to inspire the "entire world" as Britain prepares to mark the 50th anniversary of his funeral.

David Cameron speaks in front of a portrait of Sir Winston Churchill Credit: PA Wire

"Half a century after his death, Winston Churchill's legacy continues to inspire not only the nation whose liberty he saved, but the entire world," Mr Cameron said.

"His words and his actions reverberate through our national life today."

"2015 is a year to remember Winston Churchill's extraordinary life of achievement, to admire and to celebrate it anew and to give thanks for his service not only to the country he loved, but to humanity as a whole."

Poll: 55% of Britons would prefer Cameron as PM over Miliband

More than half (55%) of Britons would prefer to see David Cameron carry on as prime minister after the general election.

When faced with having to choose either Cameron or Ed Miliband as the next prime minister, only 45% opted for the Labour leader.

The Com Res/ITV News poll found that a slim majority (51%) would prefer to see a Labour majority in the House of Commons, while almost three-quarters (72%) would rather one-party rule over another coalition.


Cameron calls Tsipras to discuss Greece's economic challenges

David Cameron has called his Greek counterpart to congratulate him on his victory. While the pair did discuss Alexis Tsipras' intenet to tackle corruption there was no sign of them discussing the austerity measures Tsipras is seeking to overturn.

The Prime Minister called Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to congratulate him on being elected as the new Greek Prime Minister. Prime Minister Tsipras thanked the Prime Minister for the call and set out the immediate issues that his Government would be focusing on, in particular in tackling Greece’s economic challenges.

The Prime Minister welcomed Prime Minister Tsipras’ intention to tackle corruption and increase tax transparency across Greece and said that as a key advocate of these issues, the UK was keen to work closely with the Greek government.

– Number 10 spokesperson

Cameron refuses to confirm if he will join TV debates

Despite admitting that his requests to extend the party leaders have now been met the Prime Minister still refused to confirm he will definitely be taking part on them.

David Cameron was asked by ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener if he would now take part in the the televised debates, he said:

We're making good progress. I was told that it was appalling and outrageous that I'd suggested you couldn't have one minor party without having the other minor party and i'm delighted the broadcasters have gone away and thought again.

They've actually come up with rather more minor parties than I had in mind, but I'm sure they've thought it all through and they know what they're doing.

I want to take part and I said they need to do the minor party thing and they've certainly done that.

– David Cameron

PM: Hoax caller apologised for waking me up - at 11am

Prime Minister David Cameron has described the moment he received the hoax call on his Blackberry while taking a walk with his family.

Mr Cameron said the man apologised for waking him up which he said he thought was strange as it was 11am.

He said he ended the call after he asked who it was and the caller told him it was a hoax call.

"No harm was done, no national security was breached", Mr Cameron added.


Two hoax calls made to Prime Minister and GCHQ

Security procedures at Downing Street and GCHQ are being reviewed after two hoax calls were made to the Prime Minister and GCHQ today.

A government spokeswoman said a notice had also "gone out to all departments to be on the alert for such calls".

In the first instance, a call was made to GCHQ which resulted in the disclosure of a mobile phone number for the director.

The mobile number provided is never used for calls involving classified information. In the second instance, a hoax caller claiming to be the GCHQ director was connected to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister ended the call when it became clear it was a hoax. In neither instance was sensitive information disclosed.

Both GCHQ and Number 10 take security seriously and both are currently reviewing procedures following these hoax calls to ensure that the Government learns any lessons from this incident.

– A Government Spokeswoman

Security review after hoax caller gets through to PM

A hoax caller was put through to David Cameron's phone after claiming to be the director of eavesdropping agency GCHQ.

File photo. The hoax caller was put through to David Cameron. Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/PA Wire

The Prime Minister ended the call when it became clear it was a hoax and no sensitive information was disclosed, Downing Street said.

Security procedures are being reviewed at both No 10 and GCHQ, where a mobile phone number for director Robert Hannigan was disclosed to the caller.

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