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Cameron: Devolution report shows we are keeping our promise

The Prime Minister has welcomed the Smith report on Scottish devolution and pledged to bring forward proposals on English votes for English laws before Christmas.


Blunkett: Gulf States must stop funds to terror groups

David Blunkett wants Gulf States to take action against funding for terror groups. Credit: ABACA/ABACA/Press Association Images

Gulf States must take action against citizens who are funding terror across the globe, former Home Secretary David Blunkett has said.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph Mr Blunkett said countries including Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are tolerating and even protecting funders of Islamic State (IS) fighters.

He added: "They cannot parade on the international scene their desire to assist in taking on the global threat from extremism but then condone, in their own back yard, those providing the means to carry through that deadly intent."

Extremist says anti-terror plans will inspire UK jihadis

A would-be extremist has told ITV News that Government plans to prevent British jihadists from returning to the UK will inspire more to fight.

The proposals, unveiled by David Cameron earlier today, also include seizing the passports of suspected terrorists still in Britain.

But the plans may not be legal according to former Conservative Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP, as ITV News Correspondent Juliet Bremner reports:


PM's anti-terror plans target returning British jihadis

The Prime Minister has unveiled controversial plans to ban British jihadists who have fought abroad from returning home.

Announcing the proposals while in Australia, David Cameron said the measures aim to stop suspected militants from coming back for at least two years unless they comply with strict measures.

ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener reports:

Labour call on PM to reintroduce counter-terror power

Labour leader Ed Miliband and shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper have called on Prime Minister David Cameron to return to what they say is a key counter-terror power that his administration scrapped.

Both said the relocation powers should be reintroduced as part of the proposals Mr Cameron unveiled to deal with British jihadis returning to the country.

Stopping jihadis returning 'like dumping toxic waste'

A civil liberties group has criticised the Government's new counter-terror proposals, claiming plans to block suspected British jihadis from returning to the UK are like dumping "toxic waste".

Dumping suspect citizens like toxic waste, abdicating your responsibilities to the international community, is a very strange way of promoting the rule of law.

Summary powers to 'stop and seize' passports at airports will prove just as divisive and counter-productive as the infamous stop and search powers that preceded them.

When will our governments learn that there are no short cuts to our security?

It needs to be built on intelligence, evidence and justice not speeches, soundbites and ever more new laws.

– Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti
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