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PM: Agencies must intervene early in child abuse cases

The Prime Minister has called for "very early intervention" in cases where police and social services suspect child sexual exploitation.

Prime Minister David Cameron holds a PM Direct event with staff at the O2 Call Centre in Preston Brook, Runcorn, Cheshire Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

"Those agencies, particularly the police and social services who often know about these people and know what is happening, they need to intervene and act more quickly," David Cameron said at a Q&A session in Cheshire.

Cameron: I don't believe in decriminalising drugs

The Prime Minister has defended the government's track record on drugs saying that "drug use is falling" and that "the evidence is that what we are doing is working".

"I don't believe in decriminalising drugs," he said, adding that the Home Office report does not justify any one approach over another.

He was speaking at an 02 call centre in Runcorn, Cheshire.


PM: 'Very early intervention' biggest lesson from report

Prime Minister David Cameron has said one of the biggest lessons to learn from the child sexual exploitation report is that "very early intervention" is needed.

ITV News Producer Vincent McAviney reports:

Leeds 'collision' raises questions about Cameron security

The incident in Leeds today where a man was able to run into David Cameron on the street has raised questions about security arrangements for the prime minister.

While most British politicians prefer not to be surrounded by a "ring of steel", the incident has prompted an investigation by the Metropolitan Police, which is responsible for Mr Cameron's safety.

ITV News political correspondent Libby Wiener reports:

Runner who collided with PM says 'I did not see him'

A runner who collided with the Prime Minister prompting security concerns has told the BBC he "did not see him."

Jogger Dean Farley who collided with the PM says he 'did not see David Cameron'. Credit: SWNS

Dean Farley said: "I didn't see David Cameron. I didn't know it was David Cameron until they let me out of the police van an hour later and told me what I'd actually done."

He said he asked the officers repeatedly what he had done as he was detained in the van and one officer said to him: "You know what you've done, be quiet."

"I gathered I'd run into somebody quite important but I couldn't know it was David Cameron. It begs the question, how good is Cameron's security if I managed to run between it before they stopped me?", Mr Farley added.

Mr Farley denied the collision was some sort of protest, adding that he was "not a particularly political-minded person".

MPs call Cameron collision 'a clear breach of security'

David Cameron insisted he has confidence in his protection detail after a runner collided with him during a visit to Leeds.

The Met Police announced it will carry out a review into the incident, which some MPs have called a "clear breach of security".

ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener reports:


Man who collided with PM 'just brushed into someone'

The man who collided with David Cameron while running has said he just brushed into someone.

The moment before Dean Farley collided with David Cameron in Leeds. Credit: ITV News

"Next thing I know I've got half a dozen suited men haranguing me and manhandling me to the floor," Dean Farley told the BBC.

"The whole time I'm asking, 'who are you, what's going on?'" he added.

Mother says runner 'very upset' after Cameron collision

The mother of the man who collided with David Cameron earlier today said he was "very upset by the whole situation".

Dean Farley's mother said he was 'very upset by the whole situation'. Credit: SWNS

Dean Farley's mother said she had spoken to him and that it was "all a misunderstanding."

"He was just jogging to the gym," she said, adding, "That's all I've got to say."

Cameron sidestep a 'lovely little move', says witness

Dean Farley was described by a witness as a Credit: SWNS

A witness to the incident involving David Cameron in Leeds today has described how the Prime Minister "sidestepped" the 28-year-old man in a "lovely little move".

Chris Wilson said: "It looked like Cameron sidestepped him. It was a lovely little move. He should be on the stage, really. And then he was tackled by the person behind. And then he [Cameron] was in the car and the car was gone."

He added: "They were on him. They were like flies round poo. One minute he was down, then he was up again and moving. It was fast."

He ran about 10 yards across the road towards the Prime Minister, who looked around, but did not seemed worried, Mr Wilson said.

Dean Farley later said on Facebook that he was the man involved in the incident.

PM plays down security scare after runner collision

David Cameron has insisted he has confidence in his police bodyguards after a runner collided into him and his security detail earlier today.

"Could I put on the record for once the debt I owe to the close protection teams that look after me and the very good job that they do," the Prime Minister told MPs during a scheduled statement.

Making light of the incident, Cameron added: "John Prescott was in the room as I gave the speech so as I left the room, I thought the moment of maximum danger had probably passed.

"But clearly that wasn't the case."

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