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PM 'so pleased' for family of British hostage freed in Yemen

A British national held hostage in Yemen is "safe and well" after being freed by United Arab Emirates forces, David Cameron has said.

The Briton, named by the UAE's state news agency as Douglas Robert Semple, 64, was released in a military intelligence operation.

He had reportedly been working as an engineer when he was kidnapped in February last year.

Cameron: Train passengers had 'extraordinary courage'

David Cameron praises Chris Norman and the other passengers who overpowered the gunman. Credit: PA

David Cameron has praised the "extraordinary courage" of the three men who overpowered the gunman on a high-speed train on Friday.

In a statement, the prime minister said the men, including British consultant Chris Norman, had "helped to prevent a terrible accident."

The Prime Minister praised the extraordinary courage of the passengers who intervened and helped disarm the gunman, including the British consultant Chris Norman. The bravery of Mr Norman and the other passengers helped to prevent a terrible incident.

– Number 10 spokesman


PM: Corbyn's foreign policy would make UK 'less secure'

Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn would make the UK "less secure" as he has "absolutely the wrong approach" to foreign policy, Prime Minister David Cameron has told ITV News.

David Cameron criticised Jeremy Corbyn for appearing to compare Islamic State atrocities to actions by the US military in Iraq in an interview last year.

Speaking during a visit to an aircraft engineering company at Norwich Airport, Mr Cameron was asked for a response to Mr Corbyn's pledge to apologise for the Iraq War on behalf of the Labour Party if elected leader.

What Jeremy Corbyn does is a matter for Jeremy Corbyn. My concern is that we do everything we can to protect and enhance the security of the United Kingdom and the idea that we would be stronger and more secure by leaving Nato, as Jeremy Corbyn suggests, or by comparing American soldiers to Isil ... is absolutely the wrong approach and would make Britain less secure and that would never happen under my watch.

– David Cameron, speaking to ITV News


PM: William and Kate deserve 'some privacy and space'

David Cameron has said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge deserve "some privacy and some space" to bring up their children.

David Cameron said he had 'every sympathy' with William and Kate. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Kensington Palace has accused paparazzi photographers of harassing Prince George to gain lucrative photographs.

I am concerned and I have every sympathy with the royal couple. They very generously have made available pictures of their wonderful children to the British press and the British press have behaved, frankly, very well because they printed those pictures. But they haven't been, as I understand it, printing paparazzi pictures and it's very important they don't because if you start printing the paparazzi pictures, the paparazzi go further and further in trying to get pictures of the royal family.

What we need to do now is to persuade some of these foreign publications not to use these pictures. I do think William and Kate deserve some privacy and some space as they bring up their children. They do make available some pictures so we can all see and share in the joy they've got with their children but they should not be harassed by paparazzi.

– David Cameron, speaking to BBC Breakfast

Migrants are people, not insects, Harman tells PM

Harriet Harman said the Prime Minister appeared to want to whip people up against the migrants. Credit: PA

Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman said David Cameron "should remember he is talking about people, not insects" following his "swarms" comment.

She told the BBC the Prime Minister appeared to want to whip people up against the migrants.

Ms Harman also dismissed calls for the British Army to be sent in to sort out the problem.

I think it's a very worrying turn that he appears to be wanting to be divisive and set people against, whip people up, against the migrants in Calais when what he should have been doing, and should have been doing months ago and was warned to be doing, is to get the situation sorted out with the French.

– Harriet Harman
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