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PM: European Councils 'always try to get hold of your money'

At a campaign event in Chatham ahead of the Rochester and Strood by-election, David Cameron said the European Council will not "get my money."

David Cameron attends a community forum in Chatham. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The Prime Minister has stoutly refused to pay the surprise £1.7 bn surcharge handed to Britain by the EU.

These European Councils. There are too many of them and they go on far too long and they always try to get hold of your money. But they didn't get my money and I got here in the end.

– David Cameron

Cameron: People want a PM who fights for Britain in Europe

On a visit to Rochester, ahead of a crucial by-election, David Cameron said that what voters wanted was a Prime Minister who stood up for Britain in Europe.

Polls have tipped Ukip for a win in the Rochester and Strood by-election and Mr Cameron has tried to appear tough on Europe in the hopes of a strong Conservative performance in the vote.

He was speaking after he told a press conference that he simply would not pay the surprise £1.7bn surcharge handed to Britain by the EU.


Barroso: £1.7 bn EU demand 'should not be a surprise'

Jose Manuel Barroso has said that the £1.7 bn surcharge levied against the UK, "should not come as a surprise," as it was calculated from figures provided by the UK.

The European Commission President was answering a question from ITV News Europe Editor James Mates, on David Cameron's claims the payment was "not acceptable".

When pressed on what would happen if the UK does not make the payment on 1st December, when it is due, Mr Barroso said: "I cannot now speculate on non-payment."

Mr Cameron has said he will not allow the payment.

Prime Minister's anger at €2 billion EU bill

David Cameron has said he is angry about the European Union demand for a £1.7 billion surcharge.


Cameron urges EU countries to do more to tackle Ebola

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants his European partners to do more to tackle the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Speaking as he arrived in Brussels for an EU leaders summit, Cameron said, "What I hope for from this summit is that we address some of the risks that we face.

Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at the EU leaders summit in Brussels. Credit: RTV

"Risk number one is obviously the crisis of Ebola and it's very important that we take action at source in West Africa.

Britain has been leading the way in terms of Sierra Leone, we've already pledged over £125 million, we've got military and other forces going to that country to help. But we need other European countries to do more."

Cameron's EU rival Juncker delivers another blow to PM

Prime Minister David Cameron has received another blow in his battle with Europe over immigration rules, this time from the man he attempted - in vain - to deny gaining power in the European Commission.

Incoming EC president Jean-Claude Juncker labelled Cameron's bid to change the rules on freedom of movement in Europe as "irresponsible", echoing the stance of his predecessor José Manuel Barroso.

Cameron will tomorrow meet with the leaders of the other 27 nations in the European Union but is expected to face near complete opposition to his proposals to change one of the union's founding principles.

David Cameron 'appalled' by Ottawa attack

The Prime Minister has offered his full support to his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper after the shooting incident in Ottawa.

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