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PM hails 'biggest-ever fall in unemployment in history'

Prime Minister David Cameron has hailed the "biggest-ever fall in unemployment in history".

Cameron wrote on Twitter:

PM worried TV debates may eclipse election campaigns

The Prime Minister has expressed concern that the leaders' TV debates could detract from "issues" in next year's general election, despite saying he thought they were "good".

Speaking on The Agenda, he said the debate on ITV before the last election "took all the life out of the rest of the campaign" and became a "commentary on who was doing well or badly in the TV debates".

He also said he didn't think Ukip could be included in the debates without offering the same opportunity to the Green Party.

Watch the full discussion on The Agenda on ITV at 10.35pm tonight


PM: 'We're taking all the steps we can' to keep the UK safe

David Cameron said the government is "taking all the steps we can" to keep people in the UK safe from the deadly Ebola virus.

The Prime Minister said: "What we're focusing on as a country is taking action right across the board to deal with this problem at source.

"We're making a bigger contribution than almost any other country in West Africa to help deal with the crisis at its source, but quite rightly we're taking all the steps we can to keep our own people safe here in the UK.

"What we do is we listen to the medical advice and then we act on that advice and that's why we're introducing these screening processes at the appropriate ports and airports."

Cameron: Vote Ukip 'and you're in danger of getting Labour'

David Cameron said last night's byelection results "speaks to a wider truth that if you vote Ukip you're in danger of getting a Labour government with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister."

"You'll get no action on immigration, no European referendum, and obviously most importantly you won't get a continuation of the plan that's delivering success for our economy and security for our people," the Prime Minister said.

"We have seven months to demonstrate that only a Conservative government can give people the stability and security that we all want to see."

Cameron to chair Ebola COBRA meeting

The Prime Minister will chair a COBRA meeting today to discuss the ongoing epidemic of Ebola in Western Africa.

David Cameron is to chair Ebola COBRA meeting. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Ahead of the meeting, the PM spoke to the president of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma, who said the situation in his country continues to be "very serious".

Downing Street stressed that the meeting in Whitehall was one of a regular series of meetings and had been in the PM's diary for some time.


Shadow minister attacks 'low rent PR man' Cameron

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt has launched a scathing attack on David Cameron after the Prime Minister singled him out during his speech to the Tory conference.

Tristram Hunt speaking at Labour's conference in Manchester. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Mr Hunt claimed Mr Cameron's remarks were a "highly personalised attack on me, my family and upbringing" and showed he "has moved on little since his time as a low-rent PR man".

Writing in the Observer, Mr Hunt labels Mr Cameron "the frat-boy prime minister who spills confidences about the Queen and covers up policy failure with personal attacks".

IDS: Limit EU migration or face possible EU exit

Iain Duncan Smith has indicated that the UK must be allowed to curb European migration in return for staying in the EU.

The Work and Pensions Secretary said individual states should be able to fix the number of EU migrants they let through their borders.

Iain Duncan Smith at the Tory conference. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

“Control needs to be in the hands of individual nations if they remain in Europe,” the Work and Pensions Secretary told the Sunday Telegraph..

Referring to UK demands for EU reform, Mr Duncan Smith claimed European leaders were now saying to each other "these people genuinely look like they are on the way out unless we do something".

He also warned high rates of migration risked causing "civil unrest" in some area.

Ed Balls: Tory 'Strivers' tax' will hit 3 million workers

Ed Balls claims the tax measures unveiled by David Cameron at the Tory conference amount to a 'Strivers' tax' that will hit 3 million working people.

Ed Balls setting out Labour's economic plans at their conference. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Writing on his blog, the Shadow Chancellor singled out cuts to tax credits, saying: "It’s a Strivers' Tax which will cost a one earner family with two children on £25,000 a year almost £500."

He implied the policy would cost the Tories at next year's election, as 260,000 families hit by tax credit cuts live in the 50 most vulnerable Conservative seats.

UK will 'use all the assets we have' to find IS hostages

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the UK will "use all the assets that we have" to try and find the hostages being held by Islamic State.

Cameron said he had met with intelligence and military officials today "to make sure that we do everything that we can" in the fight against IS militants.

"It's going to take patience, hard work and resolve to defect this organisation, but I know in this country that we have this resolve," he added.

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