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Cameron wishes Queen 'health and happiness'

David Cameron has wished the Queen "health and happiness" on her 90th birthday.

The Prime Minister also praised the Queen for her "extraordinary service" and for opening up the Royal Family to the public.

We are uniquely blessed in our country. Her Majesty's service is extraordinary and it is a joy for us all to celebrate, to cherish and to honour.

In this modern Elizabethan era, Her Majesty has led a gentle evolution of our monarchy.

From that first televised Christmas Day message, over three decades before cameras were allowed into this House, to the opening up of the royal palaces and the invention of the royal walkabout, she's brought the monarchy closer to the people while also retaining its dignity.



Cameron tells MPs the government will support Tata sale

David Cameron speaks at Prime Minister's Questions. Credit: Pool

David Cameron has said the Government is committed to supporting Tata steel during the sale process.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, he said: "Right now we are talking with the board of Tata to make sure that all the questions they need answered are answered by us because we want to have a proper sales process with proper buyers coming forward."

"We want to be very clear that the Government is prepared to support that process and support the outcome and that's exactly what we will do," he added.

PM's 'morally repugnant' handling of finances under fire in poll

Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

A new poll suggests 44% of people think that Prime Minister David Cameron's handling of his finances has been "morally repugnant".

According to the ComRes poll for The Independent and Sunday Mirror 52% of those asked also believed Cameron has not been "honest and open" about his financial affairs.

The poll of 2,036 adults who were interviewed online on April 13 and 14 2016 follows the unprecedented step taken by the Prime Minister to publish details of his tax returns in the wake of the Panama Papers data leak.

PM and Corbyn exchange blows over tax affairs

The prime minister traded blows with Jeremy Corbyn over tax affairs in the first PMQs since the Panama papers leak.

The Prime Minister drew attention to the Labour leader's 2014-15 tax return which did not contain details of his pension income and which was the subject of a £100 fine for being submitted late.

Mr Cameron said: "I thought your tax return was a metaphor for Labour policy - it was late, it was chaotic, it was inaccurate, it was uncosted."

Mr Corbyn hit back: "I'm grateful to the Prime Minister for drawing attention to my own tax return, warts and all.

"The warts being my handwriting, all being my generous donation to HMRC - I actually paid more tax than some companies owned by people that you might know quite well."

Lord Hague: 'Voters can't expect all MPs to be perfect'

Voters can't expect all politicians to be Credit: PA

Voters should not expect all politicians to be "perfect" or "normal", according to former Tory MP William Hague.

Lord Hague said an "age of greater transparency" would require more and more openness by public figures and that politics would be diminished if all were found to be squeaky clean.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today, he warned that Parliament would be "very one dimensional" if all politicians came through the public sector with no questions of business ownership or dividends.

The 55-year-old former Conservative leader's comments came after Chancellor George Osborne and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn became the latest people to publish their tax returns on Monday.

He added that Winston Churchill's tax affairs "would have been more difficult to defend in public than Prime Minister David Cameron's".


A day of revelations: UK politicians open up their finances

It has been a day of revelations, with some of the UK's most high-profile politicians offering the public a glimpse into their tax affairs.

Chancellor George Osborne released his figures from last year, showing that he earned a taxable income of £198,738 and paid £72,210 in tax.

London Mayor Boris Johnson published four years of records, revealing a total taxable income of £612,583. He paid £260,621 in tax.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn revealed that he earned a total taxable income of £72,645 and earned an extra £1,850 from other income sources. He paid £18,912 in tax.

ITV News' Julie Etchingham reports:

Ed Miliband calls for end to tax secrecy

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has called for an end to the "secrecy and abuses" of tax havens.

Speaking on ITV's The Agenda with Tom Bradby, Mr Miliband called for sweeping changes to the UK's tax policy, including ending non-domiciled status, which allows some British citizens resident abroad to limit the tax they pay on foreign earnings.

"We go on about Panama - the top country in the world for tax avoidance is the UK," he said.

Mr Miliband also stood up for David Cameron, who has faced intense criticism over benefiting from his father's investment fund.

"I understand the prime minister defending his father and I understand it was upsetting for him," he said.

PM and chancellor 'should publish full tax return'

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell Credit: PA

The prime minister nor the chancellor have published their full tax return but just a summary that leaves more questions, the shadow chancellor said.

Chancellor George Osborne published his tax return after the prime minister urged him too amid a row over his personal finances.

This has been a distraction not a true disclosure. Neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor has published their full tax return like myself or the Leader of the Labour Party.

Instead they have provided a summary that leaves more questions than answers, which strikes me as an odd approach and is as transparent as dish water.

– Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell
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