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Davis calls for police to wear cameras after 'plebgate'

Senior Conservative MP David Davis has called for police officers to wear a camera and microphone while on duty in the wake of the "plebgate" row.

Mr Davis, an ally of Andrew Mitchell and a former shadow home secretary, wrote in The Times (£) that such technology could help curb the use of force by officers and also "help to defend police officers who have vexatious claims made against them".

David Davis is an ally of Andrew Mitchell and a former shadow home secretary. Credit: PA Wire

He said there is "a crisis of ethics" within the service and called for "root-and-branch reform of policing culture", starting with a Government-appointed Royal Commission to investigate their conduct.

"Regrettably it appears that the Mitchell case is merely a high-profile example, not an isolated one", he added.

Davis: Officers plebgate statement 'not good enough'

David Davis has said that the statement from three police officers is "simply not good enough".

The statement from the three police Federation officials is simply not good enough.

Their actions have destroyed a career. The transcript of the meeting which took place in Sutton Coldfield shows that the Federation deployed a premeditated line of attack against Mr Mitchell.

This is not a case of misjudgement, it is deliberate misconduct and they should face the consequences of that misconduct.

The officers from West Mercia, West Midlands and Warwickshire Police Federation representatives issued a statement regarding their meeting with Andrew Mitchell.

Mitchell was a victim of 'really serious injustice'

Former Conservative shadow home secretary David Davis has said Andrew Mitchell had been the victim of "a really serious injustice" and should be restored to the ministerial ranks.

This is a shocking revelation that a police officer seems to have masqueraded as a civilian - more than seems to, I've seen the emails and clearly did so - and acted in a way which effectively completely undermined Mr Mitchell in the eyes of the Prime Minister and the rest of Downing Street right at the point they were making the decision - what do we do, do we support him or not?

That explains quite a lot of the, frankly, what appeared with hindsight to be daft decisions in terms of the way they handled the whole issue.

– David Davis, Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme

Mr Davis also criticised the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, and the Met Police for failing properly to examine the evidence when the allegations first emerged:

None of this is exactly Sherlock Holmes. All the investigations did not go to the heart.

Look at the CCTV, see whether it is consistent with the allegations made, consistent with what's been said. It plainly wasn't.

'Conservative Voice will work with leadership'

Conservative Voice is the first political initiative in a very long time that provides a home for the professional and voluntary wings of the Conservative party and who are united in their belief in popular, radical conservatism.

Our aim is to encourage seriously ambitious policy development and to help improve the party's campaigning edge in really practical ways. Our approach is to work from inside the party and alongside the leadership, and to actively engage with think tanks, campaigning organisations, academics and business people.

– David Davis, MP


New Conservative group hopes to unite grassroots activists

The new group is intended to unite grassroots Tory activists and more senior politicians who;

support the Conservative agenda of individual aspiration, small government, low taxes, a broad rather than deep relationship with Europe, more direct accountability to voters and radical thinking on providing public services and tackling the country's social and economic challenges.

As well as Mr Davis and Dr Fox, other MPs named as backers are Conor Burns, Robert Halfon, Priti Patel and Dominic Raab.

Conservative Voice launch 'radical' policy campaign

Two Tory big beasts are launching a group campaigning for "radical" policies, amid pressure on David Cameron's leadership.

Liam Fox, David Cameron and David Davis Credit: PA

David Davis and Liam Fox will unveil Conservative Voice, urging the party to show "serious ambition".

Although organisers insist the group will work alongside the leadership, the move comes with the Prime Minister struggling to placate Conservative traditionalists from two former front-benchers who ran against him for the party leadership.