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Tory MP says gay parents 'cannot raise children safely'

Comments about gay couples bringing up children have put a cabinet minister at the centre of a row. The welsh secretary David Jones told ITV Wales he believed same sex parents could not offer them a warm and safe environment.

Downing Street made clear this evening the prime minister did not agree. ITV News' political correspondent Libby Wiener reports:

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Labour criticises 'Jones the Jag' Welsh Secretary

We like giving people a nickname in Wales: Evans the Milk, Dai the Pop...and now we’ve got Jones the Jag as our Secretary of State.

Still, he’s been so inactive since he got the job and made so few public appearances that perhaps he can be forgiven for taking every chance to try out the ministerial limo.

Taxpayers in Clwyd West, however, or the 5,500 people getting their tax credits cut might not all be so forgiving about his 100 yard joyride.

– Owen Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary