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Corbyn dismisses criticism from David Miliband

Jeremy Corbyn dismissed suggestions that he should withdraw from the leadership race for the good of the party.

Responding to earlier criticism from David Miliband, he told ITV News' Political Correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones:

"Miliband lives in New York and may be unaware of the excitement that the leadership contest has aroused in Britain."

He also reacted angrily to suggestions that the 600,000 registered voters were unrepresentative of the country as a whole.


David Miliband's new warning for Labour Party

David Miliband has previously ruled himself out of the leadership race Credit: PA

David Miliband has warned the Labour Party has been sent "back to the classroom for the second time in five years" after their crushing defeat in the general election.

The former foreign secretary, currently president of the International Rescue Committee, also made comments that will fuel speculation about a return to British politics, boasting about his role in winning previous elections with Labour.

He said: "I was in the back room in the early 1990s when Labour in the UK figured out how to win elections rather than lose them."

In a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School, Miliband blasted of David Cameron's foreign policy, saying that Britain is now politically "in retreat".

David Miliband: My heart goes out to Labour and Ed

Ed Miliband's brother, David, has sent his commiserations to Labour after the general election loss.

Ed beat his older brother to the Labour leadership in 2010.

David Miliband reveals who he's voting for this election

David Miliband has revealed who he's voting for in the General Election ... and unsurprisingly it's Labour.

Sharing a picture of his postal ballot envelope on Twitter, Ed Miliband's brother and one-time political opponent said he was "proud" to have voted for the party.


David Miliband backs brother as prime minister

Ed and David Miliband. Credit: Reuters

David Miliband has backed his brother Ed saying he would make a good prime minister - and hinted a return to politics may be on the cards.

The former foreign secretary, who lost out in the party's leadership contest to Ed, said his brother has "the clarity, the vision, the determination" to lead the country.

In an interview with the Financial Times, he said his current job as head of NGO International Rescue Committee could be useful for a political career in the future.

He told the paper: "Tony Blair and John Major have said they wish they'd done their post premiership jobs before they became prime minister."

Ed Miliband has endured an intense bout of speculation about his future recently, with deep unrest among the ranks of backbench MPs and claims that some of his top team are plotting against him.

Last month, Tony Blair said he thought Mr Miliband is ''robust enough'' to deal with the swirling unrest over his leadership, and offered his ''full support''.

David Miliband 'glad there has been an apology'

Former Labour MP David Miliband has tweeted saying it is "unbelievable" that a Mail on Sunday journalist attended a private memorial for his uncle Harry.

The paper has apologised to his brother and Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Read the Mail on Sunday apology here.

David Miliband congratulates successor

David Miliband, who triggered the South Shields contest when he decided to quit as an MP, congratulated Labour's Emma Lewell-Buck, who won the seat with a reduced majority of 6,505.

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