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Denver survivor's 'miracle' escape after shotgun pellet passed through her brain

Neurosurgeon Dr Michael Rauzzino, indicates the path of the shotgun pellet through Petra Anderson's brain. Credit: Miranda Leitsinger / NBC News

A victim of the Denver shooting is lucky to be after alive being hit by a shotgun blast during the attack that killed 12 people last Friday, NBC news reports.

Three pellets struck 22-year-old Petra Anderson's arm and one went through her head but missed the brain's many blood vessels and key sections controlling vital functions.

Her neurosurgeon, Dr Michael Rauzzino said: "I would say this is definitely a miracle.

"If the pellet had wavered a millimetre, really in any direction from what it actually took, then she would have likely either died or been severely injured."

Reports: Denver killings suspect 'sent notebook to psychiatrist detailing his plans'

The man accused of carrying out a massacre at a screening of Batman reportedly tried to tell the University of Colorado "he was going to kill people".

Fox News reports that James Holmes sent a notebook with details of his plan to a psychiatrist there. But it is claimed the parcel sat unopened in the post room for as long as a week before its discovery on Monday

Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes Credit: Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office


Batman star Christian Bale visits Aurora victims

Batman star Christian Bale visited survivors of the Colorado shooting and thanked medical staff and police officers who responded to the attack that killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

Bale visited with little advance warning and also stopped by a makeshift memorial to the victims near the movie theatre that was showing "The Dark Knight Rises" when the gunfire erupted.


Picture: Christian Bale arrives at Denver hospital to visit shooting survivors

Jeremy Hubbard is a presenter and reporter for Fox 31 Denver, the channel that reported that the movie studio Warner Bros was donating a $1m to the victims.

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