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Teens urged to study maths for 'everyday life'

Tens of thousands of teenagers are to be encouraged to study a new maths qualification, which covers topics relevant to every day life.

Teens are being encouraged to complete a new 'relevant' maths qualification. Credit: Press Association

Ministers have announced fresh details of new courses for 16 to 18-year-olds, which they say will give youngsters the numeracy skills they need for the workplace.

The courses are aimed at teenagers who score at least a C in GCSE maths but then usually drop the subject, the Government said.

They will include topics like statistics, probability and advanced calculation, the Department for Education said.

Tory MP: Teather 'a bad minister as she was childless'

A former Conservative education minister has allegedlysuggested that the Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather was a poor families minister because she has no children.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Tim Loughton said Miss Teather, who has no children, failed to support married couples in office because she “doesn’t really believe in family”.

MP Sarah Teather. Credit: David Jones/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Mr Loughton, who was speaking to activists at the Conservative Renewal conference in Windsor, said: "The person who was actually in charge of family policy amongst the ministerial team at the DfE [Department for Education] was Sarah Teather.

"Which was a bit difficult because she doesn't really believe in family. She certainly didn't produce one of her own. So it became a bit of a family-free zone. I think that is a huge disappointment."

Mr Loughton has since tweeted that his words had been "distorted" by journalists, and were "not a personal attack" on Miss Teather.

The MP said he was "sorry" and his criticism was "not intended or fair" and was meant to be of Lib Dem family policy rather than of Miss Teather.


Gove distances self from spat over 'narcissist' minister

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has denied any knowledge of who in his department described an outgoing minister as a"lazy, incompetent narcissist obsessed only with self-promotion".

Former children's minister Tim Loughton was described as "lazy" and "incompetent" by an anonymous source Credit: Katie Collins/PA

Tim Loughton, who was sacked as children's minister in the last reshuffle, was denounced in a briefing to the Spectator magazine by an anonymous source in Department for Education.

Mr Gove insisted he did not know who made the briefing and said Mr Loughton "far from being incompetent ... was a talented and effective minister who made a difference".

DfE: Teachers' pay to be linked to performance

Under the current system, teachers progress through pay grades automatically Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

Under changes unveiled by the Department for Education today, schools will be given more freedom to pay teachers according to their performance from September.

Under the current system, teachers automatically progress through pay grades depending on their length of service. But the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB), which is tasked with making recommendations to the Government, has called for pay to be more closely related to performance.

STRB chair Dame Patricia Hodgson said the reforms would "help schools to recruit, retain and reward the best teachers".

'Gentle military-style approach' for troubled pupils

Mike Hamilton, Commando Joes' founder, delivering a fitness session at a school in Manchester. Credit: PA

Commando Joes’, which will receive around £600,000 from the £1.9 million initiative, said that it combined teamwork and fitness "with a gentle military-style approach".

However, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), told The Independent that self-discipline and teamwork were objectives “that schools instil in pupils day in day out, the majority having never been anywhere near the military”.


Ex-soldiers 'are role models for kids'

The Government funding has probably fast-tracked us by about five or 10 years. The instructors are all ex-military personnel - they are role models and kids look up to and aspire to be like them. When we go to a school playground children hang on every word.

In some of the deprived areas we work in, young people have not got grassy areas or anywhere to go. When they come to our sessions they get a chance to socialise in a different way, to be part of a team.

Our motto is No Child Left Behind - we will work with every child and young person to help them feel motivated to learn and be part of their school and community again.

– Mike Hamilton, director of Commando Joes'
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