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Derby incident involving toddler 'no longer suspicious'

The man seemed to be leading the toddler away from his mother Credit: West Midlands Police

Derbyshire Police have confirmed that an incident which appeared to show a man leading a toddler away from his mother is no longer considered as suspicious.

The man in question came forward to police this morning after CCTV footage of the incident was released.

In a case of mistaken identity the man thought the boy was another woman's child and had wandered off from her in Derby's Intu Shopping Centre.

Police are now satisfied the incident was not malicious.

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Man comes forward after Derby CCTV appeal

Police are due to speak to an 80-year-old man as a result of a CCTV appeal.

The man contacted police this morning after CCTV footage of an incident appearing to show a toddler being led away from his mother was released.

He is due to be interviewed later.

It appears that the man shown in the CCTV footage may have been acting with good intentions but we will be speaking to him today to ascertain the full details.

– Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lamb


Derbyshire Police: 'This is an extremely unusual incident'

Derbyshire Police are urging a man captured on CCTV appearing to lead a toddler away from his mother in a shopping centre to come forward:

This was a very isolated and extremely unusual incident and we are very keen to speak to the person shown in the images.

Although we do not know the intentions of the man involved, I would urge parents or those with young children to always be mindful of their safety, especially in crowded places.

– Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lamb
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CCTV released after 'suspicious incident' involving toddler

Derbyshire Police have released CCTV footage of a 'suspicious incident' being investigated which took place in Derby's Intu shopping centre.

Since releasing this CCTV footage an 80-year-old man has come forward and police say they are satisfied he was acting with 'good intentions'.

A toddler was following his mother into the Boots store yesterday morning at 10.30 when a man walked up, took the boy by the hand and appeared to be leading him away.

The mother turned and challenged the man who then apologised and left the shopping centre in the direction of The Spot.

Police would like to speak to the man and have appealed for information. The man is described as white, aged about 60 and was wearing a dark coat and a flat cap.

Crossrail contract 'huge boost' for Bombardier

Winning the £1 billion contract to supply the Crossrail trains is a "huge boost" for the company, Bombardier's managing director has said.

Francis Paonessa said the Derby company had spent £20 million developing the Aventra train which will be built for the route.

We are absolutely delighted with the news, which is a real endorsement of the hard work the team has put in.

We have been working on the design for the past year. The train has wider gangways, is much lighter and more energy efficient.

– Bombardier Managing Director Francis Paonessa

He added that when built the train will be painted purple and black.

'Free school agenda is vital for driving up standards'

The Skills Minister Matt Hancock Credit: ITV News

The Skills Minister has said that the case of a Muslim free school in Derby which faces the prospect of closure unless "swift action" is taken, does not mean free schools are risky.

Matt Hancock told ITV News: "This one school has broken the rules, it's broken its funding requirements.

"We're having robust discussions with it and if it doesn't abide by the rules that are very clearly set out then we will close it.

He added: "But make no mistake. The free school agenda is vital for driving up standards, it's having an effect and it's hugely welcomes in local communities where these schools open


Muslim Free school must take action to avoid closure

The Al-Madinah school in Derby. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

A Muslim free school in Derby must take "swift action" to address concerns over the way it is run or face the prospect of closure, the Department for Education has said.

The Al-Madinah school re-opened on Monday after being temporarily closed amid reports that girls were forced to sit at the back of classrooms.

It was also claimed that female teachers at the school - which claims a "strong Muslim ethos" - were forced to wear hijabs even if they were not Muslim.

Inspectors from Ofsted have visited the school and are currently completing their report.

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Muslim school 'must provide' gender equality evidence

Al-Madinah school closed last Wednesday and re-opened yesterday Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Schools Minister Lord Nash has ordered Al-Madinah Free School in Derby to provide evidence within the next week that it has stopped any practices that lead to women and girls being treated "less favourably" than men and boys.

It has also been told to notify all of its staff that they are not required to cover their hair if it is against their religion or beliefs.

His letter says: "The Trust is... failing to ensure the safety of children at the school; delivering an unacceptably poor standard of education; discriminating in its policies and procedures towards female staff; and failing to discharge its duties and responsibilities.

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Muslim free school 'failed to keep pupils safe'

Al-Madinah School closed last Wednesday and re-opened yesterday Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A Derby Muslim free school has been told it must take "swift action" to address concerns over the way it is run or it could be closed.

Al-Madinah Free School has failed to keep pupils safe, provide a good education and has discriminated against female staff, according to a letter sent to the school by Lord Nash.

The Schools Minister said that the school had "manifestly breached" its conditions, and can expect to be closed down if it does not make immediate changes.

Philpott house razed to the ground

The council has reportedly said the work would take about two weeks to complete. Credit: SWNS

The Derbyshire house formerly owned by Mick Philpott has been razed to the ground.

The fire-ravaged home was pulled down after the blaze which killed all six of the man's children.

The demolition process began on Monday morning, following preparation work from the previous week. Credit: SWNS

Parents Mick and Mairead Philpott were jailed in April, with friend Paul Mosley, after being found to have started the petrol-fuelled fire.

The three were convicted of killing the couple's six children.

The project's contractors have agreed to donate their fee to Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre in Skegness. Credit: SWNS

More housing will be built on the site following the work.

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