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Expert: Quakes like today's 'happen every 2-3 years'

Dr Susanne Sergeant of the British Geological Survey told ITV News earthquakes like today's 4.1 magnitude "tend to happen in the UK once every two-three years on average".

The largest earthquake recorded in the UK was a 6.1 magnitude, hitting Dogger Bank in the North Sea in June 1931.

The red areas on this map show instrumental earthquakes, the blue show historical.
The red areas on this map show instrumental earthquakes, the blue show historical. Credit: British Geological Survey

"It released approximately 900 times more energy than today's earthquake," Dr Sergeant said.

Speaking of today's earthquake, she said: "I am not aware of any reports of damage - because the earthquake happened in the Bristol Channel (about 20 km north of Ilfracombe), the area of strongest shaking would have been under the sea.

"It would not be unusual for this earthquake to be followed by aftershocks".


Bristol Channel earthquake measured 4.1 magnitude

The earthquake that struck the Bristol Channel at 1.21pm today measured 4.1 magnitude, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has confirmed.

British Geological Survey map showing the location of the earthquake's epicentre.
British Geological Survey map showing the location of the earthquake's epicentre. Credit: British Geological Survey

It's epicentre was located around 18 km (11 miles) north of Ilfracombe in North Devon and 30 km (18.6 miles) southwest of Swansea.

"The earthquake was widely felt in North Devon and South Wales", the BGS added.

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Your earthquake experiences needed for research

This map shows the distribution of intensities so far for the earthquake in south-west Wales Credit: Google Maps / BGS

Did you feel an earthquake this afternoon in Swansea, Llanelli or another area of south-west Wales?

The British Geological Survey is asking people to share their experiences to help them build a better picture of the quake.

The map above, in its early stages, shows the intensity of the earthquake felt in different areas.

You can add your observations by visiting the British Geological Survey's website here.



Swansea residents report feeling small earthquake


Did we just have a little earthquake in Swansea? The walls of my house & all my furniture just shook for like 3 seconds. Weird.


Erm, anyone else in the Swansea area just felt their house move? #earthquake?

PM: We are 'bringing all resources to bear' to fix track

The Prime Minister has said that the government is "bringing all our resources to bear" to repair the train track at Dawlish, which links Cornwall and parts of Devon with the rest of the country.


PM at #Dawlish: We are bringing all our resources to bear to make sure the route can be up and running


Watch: Engineers cut storm-battered Dawlish rail track

Prime Minister visits wrecked rail track in Dawlish

The Prime Minister is continuing his visit to the South West today and is surveying a section of train track that was destroyed by large waves at Dawlish in Devon.


In Dawlish to see how Network Rail are rebuilding the track wrecked by recent storms.


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Pictures: Shipping containers provide flood defence at Dawlish

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