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Blind dog's special technique to play fetch with owners

Kellar the dog was born blind four years ago but owners Marcy Stapley and her fiance Mike Miller have a developed a way for the springer spaniel to play fetch.

The couple from Petersburg, Ontario said despite Kellar's blindness, it did not dissuade his basic doggy instincts to play.

"He was really interested in playing. He tried to chase things at the dog park, but he couldn't find them," Stapely told New York Daily News.

In the video Kellar can be seen using voice commands and his sense of smell to fetch a rubber duck in the park.

Through a period of trial and error, they can command Kellar to play fetch by saying the word "listen" before throwing an item and then saying "hot" in a high excited voice if he gets close to the object, and "cold" in a quieter voice when he is too far away.


UK dog lover rescues stray who had legs chopped off

A dog whose abusive owners chopped off its two front legs is set to walk again thanks to a British dog-lover who brought him from Romania to the UK for treatment.

Six-year-old stray dog Colin, whose owners in Romania cut off his two front legs. Credit: SWNS Group

Colin's front legs had been deliberately amputated and he had been walking on the stumps when he was rescued by dog-lover Claire Revis, who was told about the animal's plight by a friend working with stray dogs in Romania.

The 48-year-old from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, said: "He was found in a horrendous state, he'd been walking on bare bones, the skin on his two front legs had come off and he had a lot of infection.

Colin is now living in the UK and awaiting treatment that will help him walk again. Credit: SWNS Group

"He'd probably lost them months before; the vets said they'd been chopped off deliberately."

Colin is now in Britain and has begun treatment to be fitted with prosthetic limbs but requires more surgery.

Ms Revis has so far raised £7,500 of the £9,500 needed to pay for the care.

"The £3,000 to buy his actual limbs has already been donated by the charity Finding Furever Homes," Ms Revis said.

Dogs left 'hallucinating' after eating mystery substance

Five dogs were reported to have been left 'lethargic and doped'. Credit: Martin Gerten/DPA

Five dogs have been left 'lethargic and doped' after eating a mystery substance in a London park, feared to be cannabis.

The dogs were reported ill after walks on Hampstead Heath in the north of the capital. Experts have now been called to inspect the dogs' toxicology reports.

Rachel Black said her pet cocker spaniel Samba was affected after a walk with other dogs: "Three out of the five dogs were taken ill. Her legs were going funny, she was walking round in circles.

"The dogs had bloodshot eyes, they began to hallucinate, they were focusing at a spot on the wall and barking at it."

The vet inspecting the dogs reported a slow heart rate and low blood pressure, symptoms that are commonly associated with a cannabis overdose.


Police thank 'power of Facebook' for locating dogs

Humberside police have praised the power of Facebook after five dogs stolen in East Yorkshire have turned up safe and well in Warrington, Cheshire.

"Please pass on our huge thank you to all those who shared this post. Social media is a very powerful tool and we are very grateful for all your support in trying to locate these dogs." The statement also said.

Stolen Chihuahuas 'found' in Cheshire

The missing show dogs Credit: Humberside Police

Police in Cheshire believe they may have located five show dogs that were stolen from their home in East Yorkshire last week.

A police spokesman said that a jogger near Warrington found five chihuahuas abandoned down a dirt track and took the dogs home, where a visiting friend told him about a police Facebook appeal for the missing Yorkshire show dogs.

Once identification has been confirmed the dogs will be returned to their rightful owners.

Among the dogs taken last week is a winner of Best Puppy in Breed at this year's Crufts championship, under her show name 'Made of Candy'.

Offers of help 'from as far as Japan' in Crufts dog theft

One of the owners of five chihuahuas stolen from a house in East Yorkshire has said they have received calls "right, left and centre" offering help.

Among the dogs is a winner of Best Puppy in Breed at this year's Crufts championship, under her show name 'Made of Candy'.

Mal Hilton owns the dogs with his partner Lucy and said their house was so small "you could blink and miss it".

It's not the sort of place you kind of pull up and say 'I'm going to burgle this place', you need to know what you're doing.

– Mal Hilton

Mr Hilton said people could help in the search by listening out for the sounds of new dogs barking near their house or flat, and by looking out for an Ali Baba wicker basket, in which he believes the dogs were taken.

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