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Miniature pup Tyson dubbed 'Britain's smallest dog'

Ten-week-old Tyson, who is a cross between a Lhasa Apso and a Chihuahua, is believed to be Britain's smallest dog.

The pup stands at just four inches (10cm) tall and weighs just 11 ounces (300g).

Tyson is believed to be Britain's smallest dog Credit: SWNS

Owner Rosemarie McLinden has had to build a special crate for the miniature puppy to live in because his bigger brothers and sisters mistake him for a toy to play with.

Tyson was born on Mother's Day as part of a litter of five but is barely a quarter of the size of his siblings.


Blind dog's special technique to play fetch with owners

Kellar the dog was born blind four years ago but owners Marcy Stapley and her fiance Mike Miller have a developed a way for the springer spaniel to play fetch.

The couple from Petersburg, Ontario said despite Kellar's blindness, it did not dissuade his basic doggy instincts to play.

"He was really interested in playing. He tried to chase things at the dog park, but he couldn't find them," Stapely told New York Daily News.

In the video Kellar can be seen using voice commands and his sense of smell to fetch a rubber duck in the park.

Through a period of trial and error, they can command Kellar to play fetch by saying the word "listen" before throwing an item and then saying "hot" in a high excited voice if he gets close to the object, and "cold" in a quieter voice when he is too far away.

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