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Mother of teacher pays tribute to 'best friend' Lauren

Lauren was not only my eldest daughter but she was my closest friend and confidant. After her father died suddenly, she took on the role of helping and guiding her siblings and me, which shows how genuine Lauren was, always putting others before herself.

This has been proven by the hundreds of tributes I have received from around the world. Nothing will ever bring my daughter back. As a family we will never be able to replace the times we were looking forward to; Lauren getting married, having children, all of those things and more have been taken away from us by these two individuals.

– Alison Patterson

Murdered teacher's family unhappy with sentence

The mother of Lauren Patterson, the British primary school teacher murdered in Qatar, has issued a statement following the sentencing of two men this morning.

Although one of the accused has been sentenced to death for the killing, Alison Patterson said the three year sentence handed to his accomplice was too lenient.

With today’s guilty verdict, justice has been served on Badr Hashim Khamis Abdullah Al-Jabar for the murder of my daughter Lauren Patterson. However, I do not believe that adequate justice has been served on the second accused, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan Abdul Aziz.

Muhammad Abdullah Hassan Abdul Aziz was an accomplice to Lauren's murder and he was aware of what had happened. At no time did he choose to help my daughter or report the murder. In fact he did the contrary; he helped Badr Hashim Khamis Abdullah Al-Jabar dispose of Lauren's body in the most callous and barbaric way.

– Alison Patterson


Lawyer of expat teacher's family seeks harsher penalty

The lawyer for the family of murdered British teacher Lauren Patterson is to appeal the sentence handed down to her murderer's accomplice, according to local media in Qatar.

Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr was convicted of the killing and sentenced to death.

His friend, Mohamed Abdallah Hassan Abdul Aziz, was jailed for three years for trying to conceal evidence of Patterson's murder.

The Pattersons' lawyer, Abu Skeikha, called the verdicts "partially satisfactory" and said he would seek a longer custodial sentence for Aziz.

Lauren Patterson's mother 'weeps in court' after verdict

The mother of murdered British teacher Lauren Patterson wept in court as her killer was sentenced to death today, local media report.

Alison Patterson was said to have dropped her head and let out a sob as she heard the verdict.

She did not issue a statement but there is expected to be one later today.

Murder of British teacher 'heinous, foreign and shocking'

The murder of British teacher Lauren Patterson was 'heinous, foreign and shocking to a society as conservative as Qatar’s', according to the prosecutor in the case.

A Qatari man, Badr Hashem Khamis Abdallah, has been sentenced to death, with an accomplice jailed for three years in connection with the death, according to local media.

During the trial the defence team claimed that Patterson's death was an accident and that both men were forced into confessing to the crime.

Man 'sentenced to death' for teacher's murder in Doha

Friends of Lauren Patterson had shared this picture of her on Facebook in an attempt to find her last year Credit: Facebook

A Qatari man has been sentenced to death by a court in Doha for the murder of a British expat teacher, according to local media.

Lauren Patterson's remains were found after she was last seen leaving a local nightclub last October.

Another man has been jailed for three years in connection with her death.


Arrests made after disappearance of teacher in Doha

Police have made several arrests in connection with the disappearance of a British primary school teacher in Qatar, local authorities said.

Doha police said they cannot confirm whether Lauren Patterson had died or what had happened to her. Credit: Facebook

Lauren Patterson, 24, was reportedly last seen leaving a five-star hotel in Doha with a group of men in the early hours of Saturday and is feared dead.

In a statement on the Gulf state's Ministry of Interior website, officials said: "The police has arrested the suspects of a European woman's murder.

"The case has been referred to Public Prosecution to complete further judicial procedures applicable in this regard."

Tributes paid to missing teacher feared dead in Doha

Doha police said they cannot confirm whether Lauren Patterson had died or what had happened to her. Credit: Facebook

The mother and boyfriend of a British primary school teacher feared dead after going missing in Qatar have paid emotional eulogies to her on Facebook.

Lauren Patterson disappeared in Doha in the early hours of Saturday. Local media claim she was last seen outside the city's five-star La Cigale hotel.

Her mother Allison Patterson, who is reported to have flown to Doha, wrote: "Thank you so much to everyone for all their wonderful words about Lauren. She was a truly remarkable girl my rock always there for everyone. I know she's in heaven now in her Daddy's arms."

The 24-year-old's boyfriend, James Grima, from Malta, wrote: "You really were the most smart, kind, beautiful and amazing woman I've ever met."

Fears for British teacher missing in Doha

The family and friends of a 24-year-old British teacher missing in Doha have expressed fears for her safety.

Friends of Lauren Patterson shared this picture of her on Facebook in an attempt to find her. Credit: Facebook

Lauren Patterson, who teaches at a local primary school, went missing shortly after returning to Qatar on Friday from the UK, where she had attended her grandmother's funeral, according to her friends.

The Foreign Office said they were aware of British national reported misssng in Qatar, and that they were providing the family with consular assistance.

Mother grieves triplets who were 'her whole world'

The triplets' parents, Jane and Martin Weekes, had been in Qatar for the past five years. They returned to Wellington to give birth to the triplets after they were conceived using IVF.

According to TVNZ, Jane won a 'Best Mum in Doha' competition for her effort raising the triplets. She had commented: "A mother's love is not divided amongst her children, but multiplied by each child."

On her profile page on the parenting website, Jane said she was at her happiest when her children sat around "laughing like loons at each other".

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