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Crowd chants 'all lives matter' at pastor's RNC address

Delegates at the Republican National Convention chanted 'all lives matter' during an address by Christian pastor Mark Burns.

The pastor from South Carolina told the crowd: "Under a Donald Trump administration, all lives matter."

He was referring to the Black Lives Matter campaign that began following the death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

The crowd cheered and chanted 'all lives matter'. Credit: RTV

Mixed feelings on Trump among Ohio voters

Wood County in Ohio, with a population of 130,000, has voted for the winner in 23 of the last 29 presidential elections.

ITV News spoke to people in the city of Perrysburg to get a picture of who might so far have the lead in the presidential race.

Many said that they didn't vote for either Republican nominee Donald Trump or his Democract opponent Hillary Clinton in the recent Primary contest.

Many see Ohio as a must win as no Republican has ever won the White House without it.

The feeling on the streets here is that they aren't keen on either candidate- so it is all to play for.


Cruz shuns Trump over comments about wife and father

Ted Cruz was booed as he refused to endorse Donald Trump. Credit: Reuters

Ted Cruz has defended his decision not to back Donald Trump as the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

The senator was booed as he refused to endorse Mr Trump during a speech at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Mr Cruz, who was involved in the contest to become the nominee, said: "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father."

During the primary contest, Mr Trump retweeted a post comparing Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump, based on appearance, and linked Mr Cruz's father to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Mr Cruz did not say if he would vote for Mr Trump in the election, but added: "I'm not voting for Hillary."

Ted Cruz booed after declining to endorse Donald Trump

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was booed at the Republican National Convention, after he declined to endorse the party's presidential nominee Donald Trump and urged people to vote their conscience.

Anti-Trump Republican delegate Ken Cuccinelli said he escorted Cruz's wife Heidi off the convention floor in Cleveland out of concern for her safety.

"During the course of the speech more and more people were coming down closer and closer to Heidi and (Ted Cruz's father) Rafael. When the speech ended, there was an ugly crowd behind us. She was trying to leave," Cuccinelli said.

Cruz, who came in a distant second behind Trump in the race for the nomination, stopped short of endorsing Trump after a bitter and personal campaign and mentioned him only once, drawing boos and repeated chants of "We want Trump."

Reacting to his refusal to endorse him, Mr Trump said Mr Cruz had broken a promise to back the party's white house choice.

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