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Donald Trump interrupted during golf course speech

Before he was able to begin speaking at his Scottish golf resort, Donald Trump was interrupted by a man with golf balls emblazoned with swastikas.

Speaking on the ninth hole of the course, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee ordered security to "get him out".

The man who interrupted Mr Trump is thought to be British comedian Lee Nelson, real name Simon Brodkin, who last year showered former Fifa president Sepp Blatter with fake money. He claimed the golf balls were part of a new "Trump Turnberry" range.

As Mr Trump gave his speech, the ground at his feet was littered with the golf balls.

The billionaire arrived in his "Trump" emblazoned helicopter at the Turnberry resort in South Ayrshire to officially open the revamped resort he bought in 2014.

Peru president: 'We will cut off US ties if Trump wins'

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is Peru's president-elect. Credit: Reuters

Peru's president-elect said on Tuesday that his government would sever ties with the US if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a 77-year-old former investment banker, said amid laughter "we're going to grab a saw and cut them [relations] off".

Mr Kuczynski explained that the topic came up during a congratulatory phone call with US President Barack Obama.

Presumptive Republican nominee in the race to succeed Obama, Trump has sparked criticism across Latin America for his anti-immigrant rhetoric, especially in Mexico where President Enrique Pena Nieto has compared his campaign to the rise of Adolf Hitler.


Michael Sandford could face a decade in jail

Michael Sandford has been accused of trying to kill Donald Trump at a rally in Las Vegas.

According to documents filed in court, Mr Sandford tried to take a gun from a policeman, after seeing the weapon in an "officer's holster, in an unlocked position".

He could face 10 years in prison.

ITV News Security Editor Rohit Kachroo reports:

British Trump rally suspect 'kept himself to himself'

A British man who allegedly tried to grab a police officer's gun at a Donald Trump rally "kept himself to himself," his neighbour in Surrey has told ITV News.

Katrina Gregg says she used to see Michael Steven Sandford "walking up and down the road, mainly at nighttime...the early hours of the morning...waking people up."

She said that the 20-year-old would be with a crowd of people and "wasn't really seen during the daytime."

She said "no one has seen" Sandford for about 12 to 18 months.

After he was arrested at the Republican's rally in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sandford told police that he wanted to shoot the presidential hopeful, court papers say.

He had been planning to shoot the 70-year-old for more than a year after moving to the US, where he was living illegally, the court heard.


Clegg slams Boris' Trump-like 'bluster and bravado'

Boris Johnson is behaving like Donald Trump with his use of "bluster and bravado" to ignore the truth about Brexit, Nick Clegg has warned.

The former deputy prime minister said Brexit leaders are trying to "distort their way to victory", and warned Britain faces "mass economic hardship" if it votes to leave the European Union.

Mr Clegg accused Mr Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage of being "careless elitists" putting their goals ahead of people's livelihoods.

"This debate is just too important for it to be decided by Boris acting like Donald Trump with a thesaurus," he said.

"Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and the rest might be happy to treat this campaign as if they're in an Oxford debating society, using every trick in the book to try and distract and distort their way to history.

"Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are probably the only people who think their job prospects might actually improve if we leave the EU."

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