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Trump attacks Clinton on Twitter following first debate

US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during their first debate Credit: Reuters

Following their first head-to-head debate on Monday evening, US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have gone back to Twitter to trade criticisms.

Describing his opponent as "Crooked Hillary", Mr Trump tweeted that he "really enjoyed" the debate.

Meanwhile, a tweet sent from Clinton's account said: "Only one person on last night's stage is prepared to be Commander-in-Chief."

Another read: "I have a winning temperament." —Donald Trump last night. Really? #SheWon."

Trump: 'I enjoyed debate. Polls say I'm winning'

Donald Trump told ITV News he thought his performance at the first head-to-head presidential debate against Hillary Clinton was "great".

Asked whether he had been dealt a fair hand, the Republican nominee replied: "Yeah, I think so. I think it was a fair debate. I enjoyed it".

And when ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore suggested the debate had not been Trump's finest hour, the billionaire tycoon insisted he was happy with his performance.

"I thought it was great. No, I think we did great. Every poll has me winning", he said.


Palmieri: 'We thought Trump would be more disciplined'

Credit: ITV News

Hillary Clinton's Communication Director, Jennifer Palmieri, has told ITV News Donald Trump's performance was a surprise.

She said: "Not the debate we expected as we thought Trump would be more disciplined. Not only did he lose ground on attracting African American voters, he basically said he'd been "smart" not to pay taxes.

"He dug a hole deeper on Iraq and on the Birther lie. The debate was a microcosm for why he's not qualified to be President."

Her views were echoed by Clinton supporter Brigadier General John Douglass, who believes Trump was "erratic" and has "no knowledge".

"I think she demonstrated clearly she has the knowledge, experience and temperament to become commander of the US forces. Trump's erratic, his facial expressions...everything he showed tonight show he has no temperament and no knowledge.

"What I saw tonight made me even more concerned than I was before if Trump were to become President. If you're a volatile character that's a pretty scary prospect with our finger on the nuclear button".

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