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Trump 'honoured' to come second in Iowa

Donald Trump says he is "honoured" to finish second in the Republican vote in the Iowa caucuses.

After congratulating Ted Cruz on his victory, an upbeat Trump vowed to "go on and get the Republican nomination and easily beat Hillary or Bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there".

"Iowa we love you; we thank you; you're special; we will be back many, many times - in fact I may even come back and buy a farm."

He said he was looking looked forward to the next contest next week in New Hampshire, where polls show him ahead.

Trump ahead in final Iowa poll before caucus

Donald Trump is ahead in the last major poll before the caucuses with Ted Cruz still seen as his biggest rival for the Republican nomination.

The poll may be seen as the "stuff of nightmares" for the Republican establishment, ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore said.


Trump uses Paris massacre to argue case for having guns

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has suggested that fewer people would have died in last year's Paris massacre if more people in the French capital had guns.

Donald Trump used the Paris attacks in his argument for the right to bear guns Credit: APTN

Speaking at a rally he said:

So the bad guys can have guns but the good guys can't. So these thugs walked into various places and just started shooting people. And there were no guns on the other side.

The bullets were going one way, not the other way. And if they were, if somebody had protection, a few people, not all, a few people had protection we would not have had 130 people dead.

– Donald Trump

Donald Trump will not take part in Fox News debate

Trump is considering holding a separate event instead raising money for Wounded Warriors. Credit: PA

Donald Trump will not take part in Thursday night's Fox News debate.

"Let's see how much money Fox is going to make on the debate without me," the Republican presidential candidate told reporters in Iowa.

Corey Lewandoski, his campaign manager, added: "Mr. Trump will not be participating in the Fox debate. It is not under negotiation."

Trump cited the participation of "lightweight" Megyn Kelly as well as Fox's "wise-guy" press release poking fun at his rhetoric.

He is considering holding a separate event instead raising money for Wounded Warriors, possibly a the same time as the debate.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore tweeted:

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