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Washington riots: Protests continue after inauguration

Riots are continuing to erupt throughout Washington in anti-Trump protests just blocks away from where the inaugural parade is set to take place.

Violent protesters have clashed with police and brought traffic to a standstill in the capital.

Around 100 people were arrested by 3pm local time (8pm GMT) and police fired tear gas and concussion grenades to quell the protesters.


'Numerous' arrests as 'riots' erupt during inauguration

Donald Trump's inauguration attracted huge crowds in Washington DC.

"Numerous" arrests have been made in Washington after violent protests erupted during Donald Trump's inauguration, with some charged with rioting.

Police said pepper spray and "other control devices" were used to "control the criminal actors" and "protect persons and property".

Two officers sustained minor injuries from "coordinated attacks" and police vehicles were damaged, the city's police department added.


Boris Johnson offers congratulations to Donald Trump

Boris Johnson offered his "warmest congratulations" to Donald Trump, after the billionaire was sworn in to "the most important political office in the world".

In a video posted on his Facebook page, the Foreign Secretary said: "I know that billions of people will be willing him to succeed in the months and years ahead in the very great challenges that he faces.

"We in the United Kingdom will work hand in glove for the stability, the prosperity and the security of the world with President Donald Trump."

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Trump's speech 'most nationalist in modern times'

Donald Trump's first speech as President of the United States was "probably the most nationalist speech we've heard from any western leader in modern times," ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston said.

Mr Trump's opening address to the American people was in stark contrast to Theresa May's Brexit speech on Tuesday, which was "one of the most internationalist" speeches from a British prime minister, he said.

He continued: "It just shows you the great gulf in vision between Theresa May and Donald Trump.

"Donald's Trump's stress on putting America first - and he particularly referred to trade - does suggest that when that trade deal is negotiated, frankly, the dividends for the UK may not be that great."

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