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Online database of driving records could lead to savings

Drivers could see a drop in their insurance premiums as a result of plans to make all driving licence records available in an online database.

All drivinf licence records will available online
All drivinf licence records will available online Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The change will allow insurance companies and car hire firms to check speeding endorsements and other details on any motorist in the UK.

Currently, such companies ramp up costs to compensate for the risk of a motorist lying or making mistakes about their record behind the wheel.

The My Licence project is the latest part of the coalition's digital agenda, which has been gradually moving services on to the internet.

Parents criticised over car use on school run

Councillor Mehboob Khan says schools face a daily road safety battle. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Some parents would literally "take their cars into the classroom" when dropping their children off at school, a frustrated councillor has told Daybreak.

Mehboob Khan, Leader of Kirklees Council explained: "We use school children to get messages across to parents with road safety training in class so that when they go home they explain to mum and dad what is appropriate and acceptable behaviour.

"I recently had one headteacher comment to me if parents could take their cars into the classroom, they would do so. That is the situation we are faced with on a daily basis."


Child safety at school gates 'of the upmost importance'

More needs to be done to increase the safety of school children travelling to and from school, car insurers have said.

The warning comes after a poll by Allianz Your Cover showed 75% of parents had seen aggressive behaviour during the school run.

We support calls for increased safety around schools. Getting children to the school gates safely is of the upmost importance and often the competition for parking spaces, busy parents and the need to be on time can distract from this.

– Jon Lott, Allianz Your Cover

'Over half' of children driven to school

At least 56% of children are driven to school by their parents in the morning, according to a poll.

Research from insurers Allianz Your Cover also found:

  • 19% of parents worry about children going to and from school on their own during the dark winter months.
  • 14% are concerned about accidents at that time of year.
  • 43% of parents feel their children take longer to get ready for school in the winter.
  • 88% of school runs are done by parents and the average school run is 7.6 miles.

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'75%' witness fights over spaces at school car park

Fury at the school gates is on the rise, with 75% of people reporting aggressive behaviour as frustrated parents look for parking spaces, a poll has found.

School run
A whopping 79% of parents who take part in a weekly school run wanted a 20mph zone around the premises. Credit: PA

Data from Allianz Your Cover found nearly two in five people had seen or heard about car accidents between parents as they dropped their children off at school.

The insurance company quizzed 1,000 adults who drop children off at school at least once a week and found 79`5 wanted to see a 20mph zone around the premises to prevent accidents.

Zones could begin at least a quarter of mile outside the school gates, parents said.

RAC: Lower speed limit would have 'negative impacts'

The RAC has said there would "negative impact on business efficiency and individual mobility" if a lower speed limit of 60mph was introduced more widely.

While preserving air quality is obviously a paramount concern there will inevitably be a negative impact on business efficiency and individual mobility.

This very powerfully demonstrates the impact that speed has on emissions and many will be surprised to hear that a reduction of just 10mph can have such a significant effect on improving air quality.

Perhaps the Government should be considering reintroduction of incentives to scrap older high polluting vehicles to minimise the need for speed restrictions of the type proposed.

– David Bizley, technical director, RAC


Lower speed limit proposal prompted by EU restrictions

The Highways Agency proposed a 60mph speed limit on a 32-mile stretch of the M1 as part of an attempt to ease congestion.

The proposed reduction is part of the "smart motorway" scheme, which would involve the hard shoulder being used as an extra lane.

But the added volume of traffic would risk violating EU restrictions on air pollution.

Lowering limits would reduce amounts of pollution emitted by vehicles at high speed and reduce polluting traffic jams, the Highways Agency believes.

Speed limit 'could be lowered to 60mph on motorways'

Motoring campaigners have warned that speed limits on motorways across the country could be lowered after the Highways Agency proposed a 60mph zone on a section of the M1.

Traffic on the M1 motorway
Traffic on the M1 motorway Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The plan would come into effect between junction 28 of the M1 at Mansfield and junction 35a for Sheffield and Rotherham between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week.

The Highways Agency said the reduced speed limit would be used to help reduce carbon emissions along the route.

But RAC technical director David Bizley said the trial "could pave the way for similar restrictions on other sections of motorway".

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