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Portuguese Navy fails during new drone presentation

A video has appeared on YouTube as well as Portuguese news channels, showing the Portuguese Navy crashing a drone in front of the media, along with Portuguese Defense Minister Aguiar Branco.

Yesterday, the minister visited a Navy base in Alfeite to watch a test unmanned aircraft that will soon provide surveillance for the coast of the country - but during the demonstration the aircraft was thrown directly into the river.

According to Portuguese daily newspaper Diário de Notícias, Branco attended the presentation and said before the device was thrown that this "will be highly effective in missions the Navy has to fulfill."

Afterwards the minister was quoted as saying: "This explains why it is always necessary to invest a lot in training at the right time so that the tasks do not fail."

Intern shot with 80,000 volt drone-mounted stun gun

An unfortunate intern at a tech conference in Texas collapsed to ground after being shot with a 80,000 volt stun gun mounted to a drone.

In a presentation at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Chaotic Moon Studios showcased their new Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone.

Designed to incapacitate potential intruders before police arrives, "CUPID" is equipped with a powerful stun gun.

The intern remained motionless on the floor after being struck down by the 80,000 volt gun.

In comparison, tasers used by the police in the UK generate a highest peak voltage of 50,000.

According to the company, he has recovered after the demonstration.

William Hurley, one of the Chaotic Moon Studios founders later tweeted a picture of the intern, who appeared intact while "enjoying his celebratory steak."

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