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Man jailed for Facebook post about blowing up mosque

Edinburgh Central Mosque was the target of Derek Phin's threat. Credit: Flickr / Olly Darrell under Creative Commons agreement.

A man has been jailed for suggesting on Facebook that a mosque should be blown up in the wake of the murder of Lee Rigby, STV reports.

In July last year Derek Phin, 46, wrote about the Edinburgh Central Mosque on the Scottish Defence League Facebook page: "Burn the mosque down when the meeting is ongoing."

The building had been due to be full of anti-fascist campaigners meeting in response to the far-right's reaction to the Woolwich attack.

Phin, from Aberdeen, pleaded guilty to posting a threatening and abusive remark with religious prejudice and was sentenced to a year in prison.

"You have abused what you think is your right to free speech to threaten the safety of innocent people in their place of worship because of your mistaken understanding of what they or their co-religionists stand for," the judge said.

Man admits inciting murder after Woolwich attack

A British Muslim has pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey today to posting videos on YouTube about the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby and inciting murder on Facebook.

Royal Barnes, 23, from Hackney, east London, and his wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich, south London, in May 2013.

Fusilier Lee Rigby, 25, was murdered as he walked near Woolwich Barracks Credit: Ministry of Defence

He pleaded guilty to three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication and one of inciting murder during a hearing at the Old Bailey.

His wife, who had insisted on wearing her veil in court, had already admitted disseminating a terrorist publication at a previous hearing and is awaiting sentence.

Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, will be sentenced later this month after they were found guilty of murdering Fusilier Rigby.



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