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Trio of earthquakes strike central Italy

Three earthquakes have shaken central Italy Credit: United States Geological Survey

A series of three earthquakes shook central Italy, including Rome, on Wednesday.

A 5.3-magnitude quake first struck shortly after 10am local time, 65 miles northeast of the capital and just five miles from Amatrice - a town flattened by a powerful tremor last August.

Within an hour, a 5.7-earthquake hit a similar distance from Rome, forcing the city's Metro to be evacuated.

Not long after a third quake measuring 5.3 some 68 miles northeast of Rome was also felt.

Nearly 300 people were killed when the mountainous Amatrice region was shaken by three quakes last summer, causing significant damage to older buildings.

Antonio Tajani, an Italian politician, said tremors were "felt as far as Rome (but it) appears there are no victims."


New Zealand begins earthquake evacuations

The New Zealand military have begun evacuating Kaikoura. Credit: EBU

New Zealand has begun the rescue operation of about 1,000 tourists and residents of Kaikoura after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the region on Sunday.

The county's defence force said it started to evacuate people by military helicopter from 9am local time.

They said a navy ship from Auckland is due to arrive in the area on Wednesday morning.

Kaikoura is a popular destination for travellers on whale-watching expeditions and is home to 2,000 residents.

However Sunday's earthquake cut water supplies and sewerage systems leaving the entire population stranded.

Italy quake: Drone footage reveals scale of devastation

Drone footage has emerged showing the scale of devastation left behind by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that struck Italy on Sunday morning.

Homes, churches and other structures were destroyed in the second major tremor to hit the country in the last two months, with building collapses reported throughout the Umbria region, including in the town of Tolentino.


'Domino effect' quakes could go on for weeks, expert warns

Several people have been hurt and thousands evacuated after an earthquake measuring 6.6 magnitude struck central Italy. Credit: REUTERS/Remo Casilli

The domino effects of the earthquake which shook the Umbrian town of Norcia, Italy, on Sunday morning could be felt across the country for weeks, a leading seismologist has warned.

Thousands of people have already been made homeless following the early morning tremors but according to experts there could be more earthquakes to come along the central Apennine fault system.

Italy's PM pledges to rebuild 'all' structures after quakes

Italy has been experiencing several earth tremors since August. Credit: Reuters/Remo Casilli

Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has promised to rebuild "all the homes, churches and properties destroyed in a string of earthquakes over the past two months".

Mr Renzi was speaking on Sunday just hours after another powerful quake hit the centre of the country.

We will rebuild everything, the houses, the churches and the businesses. Everything that needs to be done to rebuild these areas will be done.

– Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

Several people were hurt during the latest tremor on Sunday and emergency services reported widespread damage, but no deaths.

Several people injured after powerful Italy earthquake

Several people have been injured, one seriously, in Italy quake. Credit: PA Photos

One person has been seriously injured in the strong earthquake that hit central Italy.

Several others have also been hurt in the 6.6 magnitude tremor and hundreds are believed to have been left homeless.

Civil Protection chief Fabrizio Curcio said: "No deaths have been reported, but there are a number of people injured."

Italy earthquake: People flee collapsing buildings

The powerful earthquake that struck central Italy on Sunday saw people running from collapsing buildings.

The quake measured 6.6 according to the US Geological Survey and was centred close to the Umbrian town of Norcia.

The strong tremor badly damaged the historic Basilica of St. Benedict. Nuns and priests were seen being helped by firefighters as they sort safety in the town square.

The emergency services were checking to see if there were any casualties, said civil protection authorities.

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