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Goole teenager appointed country's youngest ever mayor

A 19-year-old Labour councillor from Goole has become the youngest mayor in the country.

Terence Smith tweeted about his 'pride' after being voted in for a 12-month term at the council's annual meeting on Thursday.

Cameron urges potential Ukip voters to 'come home'

David Cameron has urged potential Ukip voters to "come home" to the Conservatives on May 7.

The Prime Minister said the General Election was "not a time to send a message or make a protest" but to stop Ed Miliband and Labour forming a government.

David Cameron attended a BBQ on the campaign trail. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Cameron said: "I would say to those people that I totally understand the frustration people have felt about issues like immigration where they want more done, and we will do more.

"And I understand the frustration about Europe - where the country deserves a referendum - and with me as Prime Minister they'll get that referendum.

"But this election is not a time to send a message or make a protest. This election is about choosing the government of our country for the next five years, and the choice could not be starker between a Conservative government led by me, continuing with a plan that's working, and putting it all at risk."


Ukip 'becoming the opposition party in north of England'

Nigel Farage has said Ukip is "becoming the opposition party" in northern England following the defection of Conservative candidate Mike Whitehead earlier today.

The Ukip leader denied Whitehead had been sacked by the Conservatives before he moved parties.

"He'd been having an argument in East Yorkshire with the Conservative Party," Farage said.

"I think when you boil it down what it really comes down to is this - in the north of England the Conservative Party are beginning to disappear the way they have in Scotland, and that Ukip is now becoming the opposition party in the north of England."

Nigel Farage tweet about Tory 'defector' was 'misleading'

David Davis has accused Nigel Farage of making a misleading statement over the 'defection' of Conservative Mike Whitehead to Ukip.

Former Conservative leadership contender Davis said: "Given that Nigel Farage claims to be more straightforward than most conventional politicians, his tweet that he had "Just spoken to Tory Parliamentary candidate for Hull West and Hessle who has now left the Conservatives and joined UKIP" is at best disingenuous, and at worst the sort of misleading statement that he is always accusing others of making.

Ukip 'defector' claims sacking was 'pre-emptive strike'

Former Conservative parliamentary candidate Mike Whitehead has claimed he was fired in a "pre-emptive strike" as the Tories knew he was about to join Ukip.

Whitehead, who announced his defection to Nigel Farage's party today, admitted he had already been removed as candidate for Hull West and Hessle but questioned the Tories' reasons for doing so.

Mike Whitehead has defected from the Conservatives to Ukip. Credit: Conservative Party/PA Wire

He claimed the party already knew he was outside the Conservative group on the local East Riding Council when he was selected as the parliamentary candidate.

He told BBC Radio Five Live: "It's a bit odd, but I believe the reason they did that is because they knew I was standing up against the Tory group that was off side with the Conservative Party itself."

Of the email notifying him of his sacking last week, he said: "I got an email on Wednesday evening to say that if I did not stand aside from my intentions to stand in the local elections, they would remove my candidacy in West Hull and Hessle."

Tories release extracts of email to 'sacked' candidate

Ukip "defector" Mike Whitehead was told last week that he would not be selected as a Conservative candidate at the General Election, according to correspondence seen by ITV News.

The Conservatives say the email extracts - which they say were sent on 1 April - counter the claim that Whitehead was due to stand for the party in Hull West and Hessle, a Labour-held seat in East Yorkshire.

According to the Conservatives, Whitehead was told he would not be selected after refusing to support a local Conservative council candidate.

As you are not on the approved list of candidates of Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association you will not be selected by the Conservative Party to stand for any ward covered by the Association at the local elections.

As you have stated that you intend to stand in the local, election despite not having been selected for the Party, and despite Mrs Clarke asking you to agree to support whoever is properly selected by the Association to fight the Willerby and Kirkella ward, I am forced to act to protect the Party by refusing to agree to you being nominated to represent the Conservative Party at the 2015 General Election as candidate for Hull West and Hessle.

It is not feasible for me to allow someone to stand for the Party at a General Election who has announced an intention to stand against the Party at another election on the same day.

I am disappointed that this email has become necessary.

– Extract from Conservative Party email to Mike Whitehead
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